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What! Chinese also has Royal Mandarin?

Recently, a complete beginner student told me to change to a Chinese teacher who specializes in royal Mandarin after studying three classes. Because her family is of aristocratic descent, she doesn’t want to learn some life phrases, but only wants to learn Chinese grammar or HSK-related knowledge.

When I first heard the students ask this question, I was shocked at first. What! Chinese also has a royal Mandarin? Of course not! In fact, no matter what language you learn, it is very important to lay the foundation. Grammar and vocabulary are fundamental. I want to run before I stand up, and I can’t stand a little boring repetition. There is only one end, so I can’t communicate with you in this language. Presumably, many second language learners have fallen into the first step, and they can only learn superficially if they are too eager to attain fluency.

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In that life, we found many foreigners who speak fluent Chinese and use authentic words. How do they do it?

Have a Chinese learning conducive environment. It is a Must to have a language environment. Whether you may be studying Chinese, there must be Chinese people around you that whom you can communicate with. This way, you can always polish your fluency. Otherwise, the language will rust. If you can not translate a lesson into your practical life, you will eventually forget it. The little brother who sells souvenirs in Morocco learned Chinese from the tubing and used it on tourists the next day. He opened his mouth for the popular Chinese online segment.

Commonly used multimedia: Fortunately, we live in the digital era. We live in the age of the Internet explosion. We can attain, learning resources at a click of a button. All information, significant or not is shared globally. In your spare time, if you want to learn spoken Chinese just stream Chinese videos. If you want to learn Chinese Characters, look for online flashcards. Learning a language is a long tedious task. Those great language learning gods who can master foreign languages in a few days are all shams.

Take part in activities in the new language: speech, drama, hosting, singing, etc. Take the initiative to take part in whatever you like. These are excellent ways to solidify your Chinese learning foundation. When you prepare for these activities, you certainly don’t want to lose face on the stage. At this time, you will memorize foreign language materials by heart, and you will think carefully about the choice of words and sentences and the speed of pronunciation so that it will be difficult to forget the Chinese you have learned after several years.

Record with your mobile phone and listen to your original pronunciation of Chinese.: Record a paragraph of Chinese you speak every day, preferably the specific expression. I believe that after listening to the pronunciation you feel good about yourself, you will never have the courage to laugh at others again. In this process, you will find that you don’t know how to say the things commonly used in your life, such as the sink for washing vegetables, taps, and so on. Some pronunciations that you originally think are good may be out of tune. The grammar that you don’t pay attention to every day may be wrong. If you find your own problems, you will win half the battle.

Be modest, you can’t do everything: modesty is not a character recognized by every country. You can be confident, but don’t be conceited. Confidence is not arrogance. You must admit that you can never learn any language without others.

“Shameless” spirit: As long as you are not the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will be wrong. That is okay. After all, there are no repercussions if you f make a mistake. As long as you try hard to say it, most Chinese people can understand., Chinese people are gentle people.  they are always tolerant when speaking Chinese to foreigners. That is why never stop talking to locals. Don’t be like others who are embarrassed once and lose face. Consequently, they will never try again. If you don’t use the sentence, the problem will never be discovered.

Speaking of Chinese accents, I want to affirm that there is no noble accent in Chinese. If you want to speak standard Mandarin, it is suggested that students can find someone who has the same voice as you and you like to imitate his way of speaking., This is very efficient in improving your pronunciation, rhythm, and speaking speed.

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