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How Important will Learn Mandarin Chinese be?

On March 13th, the Confucius Institute Headquarters/ Hanban released official recruitment information. It is related to the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates, and it plans to offer Chinese courses in 200 public primary and secondary schools in the country. Consequently, it calls for demand for skilled Chinese teachers. There is an urgent need to recruit high-quality Chinese teachers with a monthly salary of 16,000 Dirhams. Therefore, to learn Chinese Mandarin and master this language will be crucial important!

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1. The Related Recruitments

The demand for skilled Chinese teachers remains on the high rise. Chinese teachers are urgently needed in the United Arab Emirates, but also in the European and American cultural circles. According to reports, on September 6th, 2018, the British Council published the results of a survey of thousands of British parents, who determined the usefulness of foreign languages. Chinese was chosen by British parents as the “most useful” non-European language in the future, and 48% of parents expressed the hope that their children could learn Chinese. Comparatively speaking, the two hottest non-European languages besides Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic have only been chosen by 12% of British parents.

Also in 2019, a message about the recruitment of baby-sitters on the US website was very eye-catching, and it quickly spread in China. It became popular in the local Chinese circle. Not only is the employer offering an annual salary of 110,000 to 130,000 US dollars, five days’ work, and five days’ rest, but also because the publisher wrote at the beginning that the applicant must be fluent in Mandarin.

However, not all Mandarin speakers are eligible. The applicant must also have a bachelor’s degree, especially the study background of the major related to early childhood education. At the same time, he/she has a legal work permit in the United States, and his/her English ability is also very important. He/she also needs to have more than 3 years of nanny experience. The publisher said that he and his wife are young entrepreneurial families who own several enterprises and charities. They are looking for a Chinese-speaking nanny for the newborn, so as to provide a safe and positive environment for the children to grow up. In addition, the family is very busy. They often engage in business travels globally.

Although it is still unknown who the publisher of this message is, the fact that Chinese fluency is a demanded skill globally. Furthermore, most people guess that Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is looking for a bilingual nanny for his little daughter. Zuckerberg’s wife is Chinese. She also has never departed from her love of Chinese culture and language. Whoever it is. The news released by the tycoon can show that the Chinese are becoming more and more important in the eyes of the American elite.

2. Why Learn Mandarin Chinese is Crucial?

Learn Mandarin Chinese is so important! Why? In the great historical wheel of Chinese civilization, famous thinkers and philosophers emerged. These thinkers are incredibly prominent that many of their works are still applicable today. These philosophies and theories changed the world. It served as an imperative reference for modern people. Unlike the translated version, Learning Chinese can better understand their beautiful meaning. There are many classic idioms and poems that can’t show their original beauty and charm through translation. These ancient legacies even have the energy to change your view of things.

The importance of learning Chinese is not only that it is a language with a long history and worth learning, but also one of the leading languages in the future internationalization trend. Unlike the last century when other countries gave China an olive branch, this time it’s time for China’s rise. With the rapid development of China’s economy and the internationalization of China’s commercial trade, More and more foreign companies have begun to seek cooperation channels between the Chinese government and enterprises. Consequently, the need for fluent Chinese speakers is rising. After all, nothing beats direct communication, right? If the efficiency of language communication is improved, will it be more likely to win the hearts of Chinese enterprises? Additionally, if you learn Chinese, you can better understand Chinese culture and customs. Isn’t cooperation be more efficient this way?

Therefore, in my opinion, learning Chinese will become mainstream in the future.

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