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Chinese Classes for Kids

Chinese lessons for kids designed from 4 to 18 years old. All language levels. Children learn the Chinese language including, Chinese characters, grammar & speaking via engaging activities and fun topics.

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  • Inspiring
  • Effective learning
  • Different levels
  • Interesting classes

Chinese Classes for Exams

In addition to improving your test-taking skills, we offer you tutorial lessons for your exams, where you evolve your abilities in all aspects of Chinese learning to HSK test, YCT test, IB test, AP test, A Level and more other tests.

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  • Improve test skills
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • One-on-one lessons
  • Effective study

Classes for Basic Chinese

The starting ground for studying Chinese focuses on Chinese Pinyin, Chinese Characters and spoken Chinese, and we will tailor courses for you to improve your Chinese fluency in daily conversations and lay a solid foundation.

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  • Different scenes
  • Easy steps
  • Friendly and trust-worthy service
  • Live Chinese lessons

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