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About Us

52ChineseLearning provides high-quality 1-on-1 online real Chinese teaching services for Chinese learners all over the world. We offer Enlightenment Chinese, My First Chinese Words, Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese, Daily Chinese, Medical Chinese, Chinese commonly used when studying in China, Chinese allusions, survival Chinese, Chinese common radicals, 100 Chinese commonly used Chinese characters, Easy Steps to Chinese, American Chinese, Better Chinese, Better Immersion, HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Series, IB Tests, Chinese culture and more lessons, which can meet the learners’ needs of different industries and levels. In the past few years, we have allowed tens of thousands of students to find satisfactory teachers for one-on-one systematic language learning without leaving home.

Our management team always maintains a positive spirit, promotes social responsibility and responsibility, spreads Chinese culture, and adheres to the concept of “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment”. In addition to helping Chinese learners all over the world to break through Chinese learning, it can also help Chinese learners at 52ChineseLearning solve the following matters:

1. Recommend outstanding students the relevant job positions and employment opportunities for Chinese international companies.

2. Provide excellent students with opportunities for professional quality and skill training for international practitioners.

3. To help connect Chinese universities’ study abroad and project cooperation resources.

4. Help to connect with business resources related to international trade.

5. Provide guidance on China’s tourism route suggestions and tourism consumption-related issues.

6. Provide programs and related guidance services for studying in China.

7. Provide Chinese translation service and guidance.

Choosing 52ChineseLearning means having a trustworthy Chinese friend. 

Our Team

52ChineseLearning has a group of excellent Chinese teachers, 100% bachelor’s degrees or above, and the core service team is from 52Talking Online English school which has more than 8 years of cross-domain online learning service experience. To ensure the quality of teaching services, all of our Chinese teachers have received systematic training in “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”. At 52ChineseLearning, you cannot become a member of our teaching team without a teacher qualification certificate. High-quality service and teaching are our foundation. In addition, all of our Chinese teachers get continuous and rigorous on-the-job training that guarantees a better learning experience for our students worldwide.

Chinese team meeting

Chinese Team

Our Students

Among our students are Chinese people from all over the world, some of them are students who look forward to or are studying in China, some are working people who look forward to or are doing business with Chinese companies, and some are freelance workers who want to find a high-paying job in China, some are local teachers and scholars from all over the world who are engaged in teaching Chinese culture, some are foreign friends who love Chinese culture and Chinese tourism, and there are also transnational technical talents from various fields engaged in high-tech technical services. Tens of thousands of students from more than 100 countries and regions around the world have enjoyed high-quality online learning services at 52ChineseLearning.

Teaching Method

The method of “Individualized Instruction” helps students learn Chinese more effectively by incorporating a customized learning experience. Our Chinese teachers design relevant teaching courses for each student by analyzing the specific needs and characteristics of each learner and adjusting the pace of learning, including designs of scenarios, study tasks, and supplementary learning materials. In addition, we have a professional teaching and research team that continuously explores efficient teaching methods and teaching supplementary materials, and conducts continuous training for our teachers to ensure continuous improvement in learning.

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