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This is the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), founded in 1963, is the second University in Hong Kong. It is also one of the eight higher education institutions in Hong Kong that are funded by the Education Grants Committee of the University of Hong Kong.

CUHK is composed of New Asia College (founded in 1949), Chongji College (founded in 1951), and United College (established in 1956). Hou Yifu college was established in 1986. It is the only university in Hong Kong to implement the college federal system.

campus life
campus life

Most of the teaching departments of CUHK now offer Chinese and English courses. Some colleges and departments, such as medical school, law school, pharmacy school, English Department, linguistics department, and most of the newly opened science school courses, utilize the English language for better transposition and professional communication.

1. School Motto and Emblem

The motto of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is “Bowen Yueli”, which is derived from the Analects of Confucius: “a gentleman is erudite in literature, and if he is asked to be polite, he can become a husband.” It is the main educational discipline of Confucius.

Profound knowledge is called “blog”, and observing etiquette is called “appointment ceremony”. Therefore, CUHK’s educational policy is to put a premium on both attach morality and intelligence. Since the Han Dynasty, Phoenix has been regarded as a “bird of the South” and has become a symbol of nobility, beauty, loyalty, and solemnity. With purple and gold as the background colors, it becomes a house for students that exemplifies e enthusiasm, loyalty, perseverance, and determination.

CUHK has both arts and science behind this humanistic temperament, and the combination of hardness and softness is fully reflected in its enrollment, teaching, and campus culture.

2. College Setup

The Chinese University of Hong Kong now has eight faculties: literature, business administration, education, engineering, medicine, science, social sciences, and law. There are also 8 979 full-time students in other colleges, including 3 979 part-time students in other departments.

3. School Running Characteristics

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a unique vision. It has long advocated bilingual and bicultural teaching and has been committed to cultivating students who combine Chinese and western academic culture and knowledge.

Under the leadership of the University, the spirit of integrating Chinese and Western cultures and bilingualism has been widely recognized and adopted by universities at home and abroad. Most of the teachers have studied or taught in international major universities, and are proficient in both Chinese and English.

As the leading institution of higher learning in Hong Kong and even in Asia and the main position of Contemporary Neo Confucianism, CUHK has successively gathered a large number of academic giants, such as Qian Mu, Yang Rumei, Lin Yutang, Hu Xiuying, Liu dianjue, Gao Kun, Yang Zhenning, Morris, Mondale, Yao Qizhi, Bai Xianyong, Rao Zongyi, etc. He has trained outstanding talents from all walks of life represented by historian Yu Yingshi, mathematician Qiu Chengtong, and banker Zheng Haiquan.

QS World University ranking organization has released the 2020qs world university rankings, of which the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China ranked 47th in 2020, 49th in 2019, and 46th in 2018.

The gathering is a fire, scattering is full of stars. Innumerable stars twinkle with dazzling brilliance, overlapping figures, and shining cosmos. It expands, radiates, then converges into a bright star river in the “small universe” of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen).

Every student of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is one of the “stars.” Different stars have different characteristics and different lights have different aspirations. When they gather together, they can achieve the most splendid light. They radiate better as a single entity. When they run and jump, there are meteors across the fairy lake, depicting the brilliant sky.

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