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How to Choose New Mandarin Schools and Classes

As a front-line educator, there’s always panic that accompanies enrollment. Parents ask me when school is about to start: “my child is five years old, and I want to enroll her in a new Putonghua school. How to choose a school? How to choose a class?” So, how should we choose the new Mandarin school and class? Let’s answer these questions once and for all.

children learn chinese language
children learn the Chinese language

Local Chinese School

In principle, for pre-school students, we recommend starting from the lowest class. Although some children receive some training at home, adjusting to school life might still be difficult. After all, these four to five-year-old children have their first contact with the classroom., Going to school is incredibly imperative for a child’s cognitive development. Children need to know what school is and what is class so that they can establish a concept of the classroom and gradually develop learning habits.

For students who have a certain foundation in Chinese and have already gone to school in local schools, they’ll be categorized by age. However, there are specific exceptions to this rule. For example, the class selection is given according to the language level of the students. The school has a very detailed division of classes. There are currently 20 Chinese classes at different levels, which can basically cover the needs of students at different levels of Chinese proficiency.

We conduct face-to-face interviews with students at the beginning of enrollment to obtain information. After several courses, the teacher will give educated suggestions. The school makes corresponding adjustments according to the teachers’ suggestions and students’ demands. We hope to make use of our years of accumulated experience and teachers’ professional vision to help students find a suitable class and better adhere to Chinese learning. “

Online Chinese School

Under the epidemic situation, the rise of Chinese online schools is also rapid. Many parents choose online schools for convenience and affordability. What about online schools and classrooms? How can our parents help their children choose?

The mode of “one-to-one” and “small class” is the usual learning paradigm for online schooling. Compared with face-to-face classes, online teaching is much more difficult. At present, “nail” and “zoom” are widely used in Chinese teaching. This two software boomed into popularity during the pandemic.  Online teaching needs a process. Teachers should not only learn and skillfully use them but also run in with students, In order to start normal teaching, pandemics first need to clear out.
Fortunately, it is possible to conduct limited face-to-face classes at this point in time.

Therefore, this year, parents choose Chinese schools for their children. In addition to having good schools and good teachers, as usual, they also add another item to consider whether the school teachers can master the teaching software. If both are selected correctly, the child’s progress will be inevitable.

Parents Should Pay Attention to Choosing Chinese School


1. If it’s a local school, observe the school’s learning materials.

In recent years, more and more Chinese schools have cooperated with local mainstream schools and may rent regular schools and classrooms.

2. Observe the location and environment of the school

Parents usually choose places with convenient transportation, parking, and easy access to the commute route.

3. Ask about the number of school classrooms and teachers.

4. Ask the Total number of students.

5. Ask about Teachers.

6. Ask students about their past experiences.

In short, choosing new mandarin schools and classes is a test for both parents and children. The prime time for children to learn is only so many years. They can learn the corresponding knowledge at the corresponding age without detours. I wish all the children can achieve success in their studies, not only in Chinese learning but also in the future.

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