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How Do You Say “Not This Time” in Chinese?

How do you say “not this time” in Chinese? Let’s learn it together.

Zhè cì bù xíng.


Not this time.

这次 (zhè cì) Both are the fourth tones, and this phrase means present / now / current.

For example,

Zhè cì wǒ mǎi dān.


I’ll get the bill this time.

Zhè cì xīn kǔ nǐ le.


This time you’ll have to work extra hard.

不行 (bù xíng) The fourth tone and second tone, and this phrase means won’t do/be out of the question/be no good/not work/not be capable.

For example,

Bù xíng, wǒ bù néng hē.


No, I can’t drink.

How do you say “not this time” in Chinese? – This is today’s lesson, do you master it now?

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