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How Do You Say “No” in Chinese

How do you say “No” in Chinese? Let’s learn it together.

Here are three ways to express NO in Chinese naturally and properly.

Bù xíng. /Bù kě yǐ.

  1. 1. 不行。/不可以。

No, (you) can’t.

“不行 (Bù xíng)” and “不可以 (Bù kě yǐ)” are kind of a very clear and direct way to say “No”.

Bú yào.

  • 2. 不要

I don’t want to.

This phrase is usually used by children or young girls. It sounds a little like a spoiled child.

  • 3. Sentence structure: 你怎么不/你为什么不+ do something?

Nǐ wèi shén me bù/Nǐ zěn me bù


Why don’t you…?

When one asks you to do something which he or she doesn’t want to do, you can use a rhetorical question to refuse.

How do you say “No” in Chinese? – This is today’s lesson, do you master it now?

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