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What Should Parents in Mandarin High School do?

Speaking of a place that children must go abroad, it must be a Mandarin high school. But today, we are not going to talk about children’s learning Chinese here, but to give some new thinking, inspiration, and guidance to the parents of these children in Chinese schools. As a parent, it is suggested that the following can be done to help children most effectively.

read chinese book
read Chinese book

First, cultivate children’s good habits.

We should cultivate children’s good habits of doing Chinese homework, just let them finish homework independently and seriously from childhood.  Do not indulge in the habit of absent-minded homework.

After school, children leave mandarin high school and go home. “How much time does a child spend on homework every day?” This is a question that parents often ask. The time of doing homework depends on whether children are dedicated to it. From the beginning of school, when children are fresh in Chinese learning, we should cultivate them to do Chinese homework seriously. This is not only learning-conducive to their Chinese learning, but also it will be good for other subjects in their school.

Pay attention to children’s personalities.

To cultivate children’s good habit of doing homework independently, which requires parents to pay attention to their children’s personalities and family environment. However, getting twice the result with half the effort is an important guarantee for children to adhere to Chinese learning for a long time.

Secondly, try to speak Chinese with children.

We should try our best to speak Chinese with our children, and we should create a Chinese environment as much as possible. Don’t think that children’s Chinese language will be all right if you send them to Mandarin high school on weekends.

Children learn Chinese, as long as they are sent to the weekend Chinese school, everything is OK? No. The biggest obstacle for children is the lack of sense of the Chinese language. This makes it difficult for them to understand the words and phrases they have learned. The sense of the Chinese language is to rely on daily life to cultivate bit by bit.

The knowledge learned in two hours of class in Chinese school every week must be rooted in the soil of language sense in order to have life. Therefore, parents must try to speak Chinese with their children, guide them to read Chinese audio-visual materials and Chinese books and try to create a Chinese environment for their children. We even think that if there is only one choice between “insist on speaking Chinese with children” and “send weekend Chinese School”, the first one is more important to the development of children’s Chinese ability than the latter.

Finally, don’t give up.

when encountering difficulties, we should encourage children to carry forward the spirit of “not giving up”, and parents’ attitude should not be “too hard” or “too soft”.

Sometimes children’s Chinese learning will encounter hardships. These will lead to fear of difficulties, which is normal. For most children, the significance and “use” of Chinese learning will not be realized, until several years later, but there are often frustrating experiences at present. Under such circumstances, encourage children to challenge themselves and carry forward the spirit of “not giving up.” Often with the help of their goodwill, stick to it.

Many children will pick themselves up after a period of time. If the attitude of parents is “excellent”, it will not only help, but it will also affect the parent-child relationship. If it is too soft, it will be easy for the children to interrupt learning. This will make their previous efforts useless. It may also be the cause for the loss of opportunity to cultivate their character. “Don’t quit” is the guarantee for children to achieve the goal of learning, and the establishment of this guarantee depends on the good intentions of parents.

As parents, they are the most solid backing for their children at all times. Therefore, we should try our best to achieve the above three tips.

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