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What HSK Book is Suitable for HSK?

Many HSK students will inevitably take the Chinese proficiency test. Even in the subconscious of many people, passing the HSK test has become the quickest way to prove that they have learned Chinese well. This is an international Chinese Proficiency Test for non-Chinese native speakers. So, to successfully take the HSK, What HSK book will be suitable for the exam?

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1. HSK Real Topic Collection

This real problem set is easy to find and can be downloaded for free on the website of the Chinese language examination service center. It is suggested that candidates should go to the official website of the Chinese language examination to download the real questions of different levels before preparing for the HSK test. After you download some of the materials, try to answer one or two questions. There are many reasons why you should do this. One is to be familiar with the type and difficulty of the test. Another is to estimate whether the level of preparation is reasonable. The third is to understand the presentation of knowledge points, which is conducive to the review of the test

2. HSK in New Chinese Proficiency Test

This textbook is the best HSK tutorial book I have ever seen, no book is comparable to this. It is suggested that students preparing for the examination should start with this textbook, which was published by the Beijing Language and Culture University Press. The greatest significance of this textbook is to summarize the methods of analyzing and explaining TOEFL IELTS real problems to the explanation of HSK. The teacher’s explanation is very systematic and accurate. The book received a positive detailed summary from almost all the test sites.

With the collection of real questions and the summary of test points, Chinese learners can determine the level of their own test according to their own situation and then enter the preparation stage. So, what are the bibliographies for HSK? Let’s move on.

3. HSK Syllabus

HSK syllabus is the main basis and guiding document content of the proposition and test of the Chinese proficiency test. At present, the book is divided into nine volumes, corresponding to the latest HSK level 1-9. The syllabus is jointly compiled by the Confucius Institute and the state Han affairs office and published by the people’s education press. The contents of this book include topics, learning tasks, a vocabulary syllabus, and sample papers. It is suitable for candidates in the stage of systematic and comprehensive preparation.

4. HSK Standard Course

Authorized by Hanban of the people’s Republic of China, HSK standard course is jointly developed by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CTI. The whole set of HSK courses is divided into six levels, one volume for each level of levels 1-3 and two volumes for levels 4-6, with a total of 9 volumes. There are 27 textbooks for each teacher. The book is printed in color with a large number of pictures consistent with the examination style. Furthermore, the book comes with A CD-ROM of the lessons. The content of the book is detailed and comprehensive, which is suitable for long-term test preparation and not for short-term intensive training.

Moreover, this set of books contains textbooks and exercise books. Students can do targeted exercises to consolidate after learning each lesson. It is also suitable for candidates in the stage of systematic and comprehensive preparation.

5. New HSK Intensive Course

The whole series of “new HSK intensive courses” include a volume of level 3, level 4, level 5, and level 6, and a volume of matching exercise book, intermediate oral test volume, and advanced oral test volume, with a total of 10 volumes. Two complete sets of simulation questions and itemized intensive training for each unit are provided in each intensive course. It also explains and trains the difficulties, common mistakes, and examination strategies of grammar and vocabulary. The difficulty of simulation and exercise is equal to the real one.

This book is a short-term intensive training course for HSK (Advanced) candidates and Chinese teachers who guide HSK (Advanced) candidates. It takes examination points and difficulties as the outline, takes real questions as an example, combines teaching and practice, comprehensive and systematic, synchronous exercises, timely summary, and strong practicability. Therefore, this set of books is very suitable for the examination-oriented guidance and intensive training stage for students.

In addition, there are many problems in the examination, such as how to grasp the ideas of the author of the listening and reading. It also takes into account the common mistakes of the examinees and the main examination strategies. Well, these problems are accessible in this “new HSK intensive course”. More importantly, there are many student errors in the course. It is recommended that candidates choose to use the course according to their level.

The above-recommended HSK learning and examination books are not recommended for everyone to buy. One can’t buy all of these sets and pass the exam, just only one HSK book or two tutoring HSK books. Obviously, energy and time are not enough. It is suggested that Chinese learners can choose their own bibliography to prepare for the examination according to their own Chinese learning level. I wish you all good results in HSK!

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