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Why Learn Chinese?

Many overseas Chinese parents have a common worry: how to make their children learn Chinese well? Many parents are frustrated on their way to learning Chinese. They always have to fight wits and bravery with their children. Probably all have such a mental process. It stems from when they were sent to a weekend Chinese school. Although they were unwilling, they have no choice but to conform.  After quite some time, they will start refusing to go to Chinese school, saying the course was too boring. They even ask, “why learn Chinese?”

chinese pinyin chart
Chinese Pinyin

1. Thinking of the Question

For our family and overseas families who are slightly similar to us, the significance of this problem is probably unimaginable. It’s incredibly common in a pure Chinese environment. What’s more, as the only long-term Chinese input party for children, why should I communicate with children?

Is it because they need to be disciplined and tell them what is OK and what is not? Is it because we have to communicate with each other every day to know whether they are enthusiastic or not, whether they are full or not, or whether they are happy? Is it because you want to tell stories, listen to stories, and communicate with people you happen to see around? Is it because of the logical and purposeful communication in the learning and working environment? Is it because of writing? What kind of writing is it? Is it because of the integration of culture and history?

So what do children learn Chinese for? Is it the language itself, the choice of words and sentences? Is it the angle, logic, and conclusion attribution of analyzing and handling personnel? Is it the bottom value of personnel? Where does this value come from? Simple life wisdom? History? So, in the process of communicating with children, What do we want them to get? Why should the carrier of communication be Chinese?

2. Reasons for Learning Chinese

We are from China. The Chinese language is our identity. It stems from a larger and more thinking level than just a language, it is probably because of the process loss in any communication. “Take from the top, get from the middle”, in the level of beauty that I try my best to output, what children can internalize can at least reach the level of logic and practicality. What if the output is only on the level of logical utility? Children can internalize, and can only be left with simple right and wrong, black and white?

From the level of language itself, but also because of the children’s own factors, it is difficult for me to control. “If you travel a hundred miles, half of it will be 90.” I have no control over where I go and where I stop. That is to say, it has nothing to do with me. But at least let the children see a road, and know that the end of the road is not at the foot, not in the pots and pans, rice, oil, and salt, When she grew up, she found that:

In fact, it’s also in the pots and pans and the firewood, rice, oil, and salt. How wonderful.

3. The Real Background

The purpose of this article is that I find that most articles about overseas Chinese children’s learning Chinese stress too much importance on methodology. The argument that “we must learn Chinese” because we are Chinese is too shallow. Either they regard it as a standard that needs no explanation and no doubt, or it can be said that it does not need an explanation. While talking about how the elites of other countries learn Chinese, they also talk about how fast China’s national strength is developing.

Seriously, there’s no logic. None of this has anything to do with us.

The elite of other countries, of course, are learning Chinese, and Chinese elites are no less learning English.

Although China’s national strength is developing rapidly, has the life of other countries and other native speakers regressed? Certainly not.

the difference in life is not too ordinary.

Language, in the final analysis, is the carrier of thought. Which language can maximize the transmission of ideas, for each family, should make different decisions. Why learn Chinese? I believe you have the answer in your heart!

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