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The Best Way to Learn Mandarin Online

With the upgrading and development of network technology, people’s life is more and more convenient now. They can learn about what’s going on in the world without leaving home. All information is attainable on the internet. You can learn knowledge online by using the network. And here, we would like to talk about the best way to learn Mandarin online.

In fact, many foreign students do not want to learn Chinese in the traditional way. That is because the majority of Chinese learners are office workers, they are usually very busy. Especially in recent years, Chinese is incredibly in demand that foreigners learn Chinese online through the Internet. They agree with this way of learning, and with the change in time, more and more foreigners come to learn Chinese online.

online lessons
online lessons

Learning Chinese online can also interact with teachers closely, just like offline learning, so as to learn well and quickly. You can try this:

1. Build your own word garden.

Before you go to the live class, you write down the topics you want to learn in the center of a piece of white paper, such as movies, and write down the words you know about “movies.” Take a look. What do you think of every word you write? Write what you think. Look at the words you write. What’s the relationship between them? The more you prepare before class, the more you will gain in class. Thus, the more beautiful your word garden will be.

2. Set one or more goals.

Think about your learning goals. What do you want to learn? What are the things that interest you? This way, you can attend a class or study a topic that makes you motivated. The more specific, the better. For example, after learning the lesson “my university,” I can talk to other friends about the life of college students, and I can say my views on the ideal university from several aspects of Chinese. If you have set a goal, chances are you will find a way to achieve your goal.

3. Record your learning process.

In class, you keep a piece of paper or a notebook – my study diary – to record your learning process while learning: how do I learn? What do I hear? What do I see? What did I think? How can I answer what the teacher said or asked? What’s the answer?  

You must also record the things that you digested. Always ask questions like “What I understand, what I don’t understand, what I want to know.” It is also a good idea to record your study sessions and your thoughts . Records will help you focus. You can create your own symbols for recording, such as “question” with “Q”, and “I understand” with a smile. You can be creative. Apply anything that satisfies your whimsy.

4. Organize the study diary.

You can ask the teacher to record the session or ask the teacher to allow the students to record the screen themselves. In this way, after class, you can have a look at the playback and sort out your learning log according to the playback of the live class. It is very important for teachers to share learning logs with students. Teachers will adjust teaching contents and teaching methods according to students’ learning logs. By doing so, teachers can better help you and your classmates. Your study diary is also very helpful to teachers’ teaching research. You can help teachers become better teachers.

5. Summarize and evaluate your study.

You can do this weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Just summarize your study and contemplate what you have learned. Be broad. Include everything you have learned. In addition to new words and expressions, what else have I gained? What can I do in Chinese? For example, I studied the theme of “tourism,” Can I introduce my hometown with the words and expressions I have learned? Can you be a tour guide for me and my classmates?

6. Always share what you learned.

What you have learned and learned can be shared with other people immediately, which can help people to understand and learn what they like to do. Learning is hard but it is also incredibly fulfilling. That can make your learning process worthwhile.

I believe that you can achieve the above points in the online class, master the best way to learn Chinese online, and you will get twice the result with half the effort!

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