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What is the Concept of HSK Level 6 for Foreigners?

A few days ago, I took HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Band 6 in South Korea, because applying for exchange students requires language scores. Candidates who have passed HSK 6 can easily understand the Chinese information they hear or read. They can also express their opinions fluently in Chinese through oral or written form. You can apply to the best universities in China and have a great chance to get scholarships. So, what is the concept of HSK level 6 for foreigners? Here are my personal feelings about taking the exam.

I took the paper-and-pencil exam, and the registration fee for HSK 6 was 98,000 Won (equivalent to 580+). My classmate took the online exam and handed in 110,000 yuan. It is said that exams seem more expensive in China.

hsk report card
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Before the Exam

I downloaded an app for HSK Chinese Proficiency Test. After a brief look at the questions, I found that some sentences were still a little difficult. If Chinese people have not done relevant questions and take the exam directly, they may find these sentences a bit troublesome. After all, there are often many inappropriate words in spoken English. It is especially important to recall what teachers have said before in junior high school and senior high school to summarize the types of bad words.

Took HSK 6 Exam

There was not much preparation before the exam.  I took the exam on March 23rd. The test center is located in Xingtang Middle School, Chengdong District, Seoul. On the day of going out for the exam, I found that I forgot to bring my admission ticket, but it was already on the subway, so I couldn’t get it back. IT was Awkward. Fortunately, I found the stationery store next to the school and asked the kind boss to print it out for me. At the test center, There are more people taking the exam than I expected. There are 30 people in an examination room and nearly 12 examination rooms. After reading the list, I felt that I was the only Chinese.

A few minutes before the exam, Koreans were still reading the review materials, which reminded me of the scene of taking TOPIK (Korean Proficiency Test) that year.

After getting the test paper, I have a feeling that the test paper is excellent! It’s a super thick paper with a good texture. It makes sense that the exam is expensive.

Chinese Listening Part

The Listening part is still a little difficult, mainly because the listening questions are not written on the test paper. When the content is being narrated, you will just look at the problem, then answer.. That is, while you are listening, try to guess what this question might ask. I feel that the understanding of listening content is quite demanding. Listen to some questions carefully, and keep taking notes on the test paper while listening.

For fear that some details of questions to be asked in the future will not be noticed or forgotten after listening. Plus, I didn’t know that the listening content will only be read once. That’s when the fear just came at me. I wondered “ Will it be wrong?” Luckily, The theme of listening is to keep up with the trend of the times. Some popular terms have appeared, and some news has just come out recently. After listening to all the questions, I’m not sure. Finally, I chose them by intuition and common sense. After the results came out, my hearing results came out OK, so I was a little surprised.

If you read it, it’s relatively simple. That is, some of the first 10 wrong words may be uncertain. It’s already mentioned above. If Chinese people want to prepare for HSK, they can have a good look at the wrong questions. Other reading questions were finished quickly without any difficulty. Be careful.

It doesn’t matter whether you write or not. Different from the abbreviations of exercises in junior high school in the past, I will only show you the article for ten minutes. Ten minutes later, the original text will be taken away, so you can’t take notes during this time. You just need to abbreviate this article by recalling it. Therefore, it is important to remember the key information when watching.

HSK 6 is not easy to pass, please give enough preparation before deciding to attend it!

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