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Edifier of Chinese Language Proficiency: 52ChineseLearning School

Chinese learning is a long strenuous journey, even more so if you are not that proficient in learning languages. There are many fundamentals to master. The nuances tonalities, stroke orders, and sentence construction are among the many rudimentary aspects. Not the mention vocabulary, idioms, slang, cultural contexts, and many more. There are so many places to explore in the journey to Chinese eloquence. That is why many people fail. Some people give up entirely. Others are intimidated by the mere fact that it’s a long journey. That is why Chinese learners must seek professional help. Through that, they will be able to attain a solid foundation before delving into the different advanced aspects of the Chinese language.

However, the question remains. Where do you find an exemplary Chinese learning school? Amongst the plethora of Chinese learning schools, it is taxing to seek a good one. After all, sometimes, word of mouth is unreliable. Or perhaps your way of learning is incompatible with their syllabus. Rest assured, for today, we shall explore a school that is both flexible and exudes a vibe of professionalism.

Chinese Caligraphy
Chinese Caligraphy

An Honest Review about 52ChineseLearning School


52ChineseLearning School is an online Chinese language school that offers personalized, individual classes at affordable and competitive rates. They have different packages that cater to a variety of student needs. Their courses span from rudimentary Chinese to Advance lessons. All lessons are customizable. The time and day of sessions depend on the learner. In addition, every material in the syllabus is chosen from the base syllabus to suit the learner.

52ChineseLearning School is the edifier of Chinese language proficiency. They cater to the specific needs of every student. They ensure that every cent spent is worth it.

My experience at 52ChineseLearning School

Like any other Chinese learning student, I, too, reached a plateau in my Chinese learning journey. That is why I opt to seek professional help. Due to the plethora of Chinese Learning Schools, I was unsure of where to go. After digging, I encountered a video about a Non-Chinese native enrolling in 52ChineseLearning School. It elaborated how the institution helped him greatly in his Chinese learning journey. The review seems to be genuine. So I decided to try their free 1-on-1 trial class.

Before, I did a short rudimentary in one online Chinese learning School. That’s why I have a specific standard on how Chinese learning sessions must look. Unbeknownst to me that 52ChineseLearning School exceeds all those expectations.

Compared to other learning schools,  the 30-minute trial class was not sloppy. Every minute is jam-packed with practical information essential to advance your Chinese learning. My teacher answered my questions masterfully and concisely. She also provided vivid examples to reinforce the concepts we explored.

I have a background in Chinese learning. However, I still had difficulty exploring cultural idioms and understanding cultural contexts, which is imperative when expanding vocabulary. Ms. Hong immediately picked this up and tailored the trial class to suit my needs. 

Real Lessons of Chinese Idioms

In our lesson, we explored two Chinese idioms. We delved into their origin, dismantled their usage, and contextualized them in sentences. 

The two idioms we explored were: 

  1. 一不做,二不休 ( yī bū zuò,èr bù xiū ) – in for a penny, in for a pound
  2.  画龙点睛 (huà lóng diǎn jīng)- Dotting the eyeball when painting a dragon 

These two idioms provided a new perspective on the cultural understanding I previously had. Plus, Ms. Hong systematically and excitingly covered every aspect of it. She ensured that I understood every part of the lesson. She also flexibly changed the pace of the lesson to cater to the part I didn’t understand.

At the end of the lesson, she gave me a brief overview of how well I did in the class. She also gave me tips and insights on how to further improve as a Chinese learner. It was a wonderful lesson. It exceeded every expectation I had.

Overall, my experience with 52ChineseLearning School was awesome. In such a short span of time, Ms. Hong helped me overcome the problems I was having. The lesson was incredibly informative and fun. I enjoyed every minute of the lesson. It’s definitely one of the Chinese learning sessions I had.

If you want a reliable and dedicated school for your Chinese learning, you must definitely try 52Chineselearning.

They offer a free 30-minute trial lesson or a free assessment. They also have multiple guarantees that ensure your money is well spent.

You can learn more about 52ChineseLearning – an online school on their website.

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