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Recommend Useful Software – Translate Mandarin to English

Nowadays, whether we are working or studying, we often have to be exposed to Chinese. It may be a niche software, a good article or a video. Therefore, it is necessary to keep some useful translation software at hand, which can help translate Mandarin to English. In this article, I would like to recommend some useful Chinese translation tools and software to you.

Translation Software
Translation Software

1. Tencent Translation

One of the most important functions of translation is voice translation. Through voice translation, you can input Chinese by voice, and the translator will automatically convert it into words for you and pronounce it  This feature can not only help you learn Chinese quickly but also be very useful in actual conversations.

Simultaneous interpretation is also a very powerful function. It can transcribe and translate the English or Chinese you hear in real-time so that you won’t worry about not understanding the English live conference.

2. European Dictionary

European Dictionary is a special software for looking up words. When you type a word, it will return a lot of related information, including translation content, synonyms, phrases, encyclopedias and so on. Such features enable users to quickly and comprehensively understand the word. For professionals, you can also add your own thesaurus to enrich the content.

In addition to looking up words, another important function of Eurodictionary is the learning record. You can add the words you have inquired into to the new word book, and then you can choose your new word book as a textbook in the back words for customized learning. If you register your account, you can also use Eurodictionary to learn on multiple devices through cloud synchronization.

If you want to study Chinese seriously, or often look up some professional vocabulary, it is highly recommended to use the European dictionary.

3. Dualsub      

Many foreign videos are on Youtube. One advantage of Youtube is that it can be automatically identified and translated. However, only one language can be displayed. If you only look at Chinese, the automatic generation will inevitably lead to mistakes.

Dualsub solves this problem. It allows Youtube videos to display Chinese and English subtitles at the same time, and supports automatic translation. In this way, you won’t have trouble even if there are words in the video that you can’t understand.

4. Salad word search

Salad word search is an aggregated word-marking translation extension. Afterword marking, it can display the query results of several dictionaries at the same time. It is incredibly inclusive that it displays dozens of dictionaries including Google Translation, Youdao Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, and Bing Dictionary This option is also customizable.

In terms of word search experience, salad word search also provides a lot of choices. By default, a query icon will be displayed, and the query will start only after hovering or clicking. You can switch it to other ways such as direct search, double-click search, press and hold the key, etc. It also provides a right-click menu, which can quickly enter the webpage application translation.

In addition to its powerful functions, It also has a Sala Chaz. This is an open-source translation software, which is completely free. You can check its code on Github.

The above is about English-to-Chinese translation software. Each software has its own characteristics, and Chinese learners can choose according to their own needs.

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