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Strongly Recommend Several Online Chinese Schools

My family’s children are 8 years old, and I feel that it is far from enough to go to Chinese school on weekends. Our family’s educational philosophy is: learning must form certain thinking habits and apply what we have learned. Therefore, from Monday to Friday, we told our children about the different kinds of one-on-one tutoring in online classes. Consequently, We tried different schools for our children. I want to recommend some good online Chinese schools to parents.

Specific test course: This is just our experience of taking our children for a test course. There are many subjective ideas, as well as the contingency of the test teachers and customer service we meet. Parents with other suggestions are welcome to share!

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1. 52ChineseLearning

An online Chinese school from Changsha, China, There are rich courses such as Enlightenment Chinese, My First Chinese Words, Business Chinese, Tourist Chinese, Daily Chinese, Medical Chinese, Chinese commonly used in studying in China, Chinese allusions, Living Chinese, Chinese radicals commonly used in Chinese, 100 Chinese characters commonly used in Chinese, Easy Learning Chinese, American Chinese, Better Chinese, Better Immersion, HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Series, IB Test, Chinese Culture and so on.

52 Chinese learning Schools can easily cater to the learning needs of your children. They have incredible and competent teachers that are certified and qualified. The most notable of them is Cheng, who can meet the needs of learners in different industries and different levels. The trial class lasts for 30 minutes. Teacher Zhang is excellent. She has a teacher qualification certificate and a first-class and second-class certificate of Putonghua. She is interactive and patient. The children are very happy in 25 minutes. There are many games in the courseware.

2. Ha Rabbit Chinese School

An institution from Hangzhou, China, uses the self-compiled textbook “From Zero to One”. Each class lasts for half an hour, with a large number of classes at low prices. There are one-on-one and small classes. Recently, it seems that a large class of 18 people has been opened, and like Wukong, they also use Classin App for classes. Personally, I prefer institutions with independent systems. Besides, the audition class is not prominent, so I have no choice later.

3. PPtutor Chinese School

The second audition institution. This family also has one-on-one and small classes, one-on-one is 25 minutes and 50 minutes respectively. On the other hand, the small class is 50 minutes. The set-up is very flexible and can be switched between 25 minutes and 50 minutes accordingly. Personally, I think their home system is the best one to use. Appointment, audition, playback, and review can all be realized in the system.  Plus, their fluency is very good.

4. Lingobus Mandarin School

A Chinese teaching platform under VIPKID, the one-to-one high-level class lasts 40 minutes, and the low-level class lasts 25 minutes. The system and teaching materials were self-developed. VIPKID English is well-known in China, but Lingobus is not well-known and many people don’t know it. The audition process was quite satisfactory, not too prominent, and the teacher taught standardization. The degree is very high. Maybe there are rules. There are some games in the courseware. Talking about the price, their price is the highest among all the Chinese learning schools families, which is why I have no choice.

During the investigation, we also found some relatively new institutions, such as Fun Chinese and Panda Chinese. If you still know which institutions, you are welcome to add them and give you more institutional information for comprehensive decision-making.

The above experience is just my personal experience, which varies from person to person. These are several online Chinese online schools recommended by individuals for your reference. I hope everyone can choose the Chinese class that suits them best. Learning Chinese online is definitely an investment. Choosing the proper Chinese learning school that’s worth your money is always the best choice.

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