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Will Online Learning Make Chinese Learning Easier?

The rapid spread of the epidemic promoted the development of online education. Consequently, many Chinese education institutions have launched online Chinese learning courses. The transition is a transformation of traditional teaching platforms from offline to online. It also includes the introduction of technology-integrated Chinese learning. In this context, online learning Chinese has become a go-to for many non-Chinese native speakers. So, can Chinese lessons online make teaching and learning easier?

chinese learning
Chinese learning

Before we tackle that, First, we must talk about the offline Chinese classes. Offline Chinese classes follow the traditional way of learning. Therefore, there are many differences in many terms, for example, enthusiasm for learning. Teachers usually reinforce the learning enthusiasm of students through Chinese summer camps. In this camp, students engage in fun activities regarding Chinese learning. When teaching students Chinese culture, the teacher will organize to visit the local places of interest and experience the folk activities of urban residents, so that they can feel the Chinese culture and understand the local customs.

Looking at the above examples, we will find the offline Chinese classes incredibly hard to replicate. After all, in an online class, the meaning of personal touch is lost.   Especially during the pandemic, it is not possible for all foreign friends to come to China and study. However, that doesn’t mean that the demand for Chinese learning is gone. Lots of foreign parents still like their children to learn Chinese. Consequently, Online Chinese class has become their best choice. Chinese learners can learn Chinese online anytime, anywhere, even when they’re on another continent.

So, how can Chinese lessons online make learning easier?

According to each learner’s learning objectives, personality, and hobbies, it is necessary to design some Chinese courses suited to their aptitude. Because it is an online course, our Chinese teachers need to always reinforce their interest in teaching. That’s why they need to design a high-quality Chinese learning environment for students, so as to achieve the purpose of students’ active immersion learning.

Online teaching has its merits too. Compared with offline, online Chinese learning methods are more flexible. Some Chinese learners will choose to purchase online real-time one-to-one Chinese courses for systematic learning. On the other hand, Some learners will choose some practical mobile phone applications, and customize the teaching model to improve their Chinese level.

No matter what learners choose, online Chinese has become the norm for Chinese learning during the epidemic. At the moment of the epidemic, we will also notice that there are more online Chinese training institutions. Amy of 52chinese learning said: “most of the students are mainly beginners, but in a short time, they have shown significant improvements. Some of them are very skilled with some online teaching platforms of Jin Yong. It’s wonderful to learn Chinese with teachers and classmates in the cloud. Teachers will also share and exchange their teaching experiences regularly for mutual learning and encouragement. “

At present, Chinese lessons online and offline complement each other.

For non-Chinese native speakers, what proportion of online Chinese learning will be in the future? What is the profound impact on learning style?

Most Chinese teachers said: “online and offline teaching has their own advantages. In the information age, online education has obvious advantages. First, it disregards the limitations of time and place. Learners can study anytime and anywhere, especially in the comfort of their own homes. Secondly, students can have a personalized learning syllabus that will suit their own learning capacity. Finally, online courses have rich teaching resources and various media. Conversely, online classes can’t replicate the face-to-face interaction between teachers and students  In the future, the two should not replace each other but should complement each other. “

Student Jack said it would take a process to adapt to online teaching. “It takes patience to learn a new language, but it’s hard for me to concentrate on online classes.”

Mona, a student, is more positive about the online teaching of the video course, because “you can watch it repeatedly.”  She said that online learning Chinese saved her a lot of time and the trouble of traveling back and forth.

Will Chinese lessons online make learning Chinese easier? Although learners have different feelings, it is a consensus that online Chinese teaching will become a part of international Chinese education in the future.

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