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Online Chinese Proficiency Test

Due to the global epidemic, many offline examinations have to be held online. Such is the case with, the popular Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Our test organizers have also experienced constant attempts. It can be said that the success of holding each HSK test online is a valuable experience for HSK series examination work.

chinese exam online
chinese exam online

1. Focus on Thailand

After the outbreak of the Xinguan epidemic, in order to continuously improve the Chinese level of Thai government officials, and continue the long-term friendly cooperation with Huaqiao University.  Relevant departments of the Thai government hope that overseas Chinese universities can continue to provide assistance for Thai government officials in learning Chinese, even during the pandemic. After discussion between the two sides, the University of overseas Chinese has adopted the accelerated Chinese teaching mode. They arranged for teachers of the Preparatory Education Institute to organize Thai students to learn Chinese online, during the evening and weekend.

Thanks to the online help of overseas Chinese universities, Thai government officials have shown significant improvement in learning Chinese and achieved a high pass rate in the HSK examination.

The successful completion of this examination is another valuable experience of HSK series examination work. In the future, the Institute will strive to improve teaching quality. They deem to further refine the high-quality teaching, examination services, and technical support in combination with various forms such as home-based online examination and traditional offline examination. These actions are in line with their agenda to help students learn Chinese.

2. Focus on Argentina

On April 23, local time, the Confucius Institute of Buenos Aires University of Argentina held the first home online examination of HSK and HSKK in 2022.

A total of 147 participants enrolled in the examination. The enrollees have varying Chinese competency levels, including hsk1-6, HSKK junior, intermediate and senior. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the examination, the Confucius Institute launched and recorded a mock operation video of the examination system installation. They ensured a smooth process for the students before the examination. In addition, they sent guidance and arrangement for preparation in stages to give guidance for the new changes in the HSK examination policy. the Confucius Institute organized several examinations and training for students. They covered a wide array of topics. The training also tackled the technical side of the examination. It covered the online examination mode and system operation in detail, lead the students to participate in the online simulation test, be familiar with the examination process, and carefully solve problems for each student.

At the same time, the Confucius Institute held many examination work meetings to introduce the examination situation and arrangement in detail for facilitating teachers. They ensure to guide teachers to be familiar with the operation method of the invigilator platform, explain the invigilator’s precautions, and summarize the unexpected situations and coping methods in previous examinations. On the day of the examination, all the staff of the examination room carefully supervised the examination and the examination proceeded smoothly.

3. Focus on Russia

On April 23, local time, a new round of HSK home-based online examination was held as scheduled at the Confucius Institute of the new Siberian State University of technology. The examination includes seven grades: hsk3 to 6, HSKK beginning, middle and high. Since the launch of the home online examination, the examination procedures and technical support have been mature and standardized. That attracted a large number of candidates due to its flexible and convenient characteristics. The registration period stopped within only one day. There are 132 candidates from Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and other countries and regions.

In the current epidemic situation, although the HSK test online has encountered difficulties and new challenges, Confucius Institutes around the world, with the help and guidance of CTI, overcame various technical, network, and personnel difficulties. Consequently, all home-based online examinations were a success. They launched this program many times in various places, striving to provide complete services for global Chinese learners.

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