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Mandarin Restaurant, Is It Really Worth Seeing?

Hunan Satellite TV’s youth partner management experience program “Mandarin Restaurant” launched in Q3 easily won first place in both national network and metropolitan ratings for three consecutive weeks. With its unique variety theme, genuine and unpretentious content presentation, and super-strong Cashier lineup it’s not really surprising.

As a foreign business program, “Chinese Restaurant” not only brings Chinese food culture out of the country but also encourages young partners to open Chinese restaurants in Thailand It released the Chinese flavor of “The Belt and Road Initiative”. The program also pioneered the cultivation mode strategy of “stars fade away from the aura, become ordinary people and start businesses from scratch”, showing a warm healing style. Moreover, It allows the audience to feel the high spirits, hard work, and optimism of ordinary people. It represents the new look of Chinese people’s self-confidence, positive demeanor, and humanistic ideologies.

Mandarin Restaurnt 1
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1. Chinese Cuisine

It’s a variety show and a documentary. “The Belt and Road Initiative” releases Chinese flavor.

“Diet is the foundation of all civilizations.” The national “The Belt and Road” Initiative vision not only promotes the inter-regional exchange of food culture but also opens the door to the world for Chinese food. Under this opportunity, Hunan Satellite TV’s Chinese Restaurant advocates Chinese cuisine culture. They deem to proliferate Chinese cuisine with the model carrier of “Star+Chinese Cuisine+Foreign Business.” They also did a really good job emphasizing Chinese elements and paying attention to cultural output had brought a brand-new and bright visual experience to the audience. Overall, the program aroused the emotional resonance of Chinese people and overseas Chinese around the world.

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2. Chinese Food Culture

As for Chinese cuisine, the movie, “The God of Food”, is used to portray how fantastic and fascinating Chinese delicacies are. That is because it showed how we used to borrow food to describe people. Now, “Chinese Restaurant” shows the greatest sincerity in making food and carries out in-depth management and promotion of our profound food culture through a variety of communication. Stars attract eyeballs. Food affects the taste buds. Besides concrete perception, I am proud of the cinematography approach of the program. The program uses documentary-style lens language. They focus on the joys and sorrows of restaurant partners, showing the world the current vigor of Chinese people, and making the program shine differently. In my opinion, this program is bound to become historical textual research to promote Chinese food culture to the world.

Mandarin Restaurant 3
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3. Cooking and Life

It’s cooking and life. Cook a pot of chicken soup for the soul by cooking fire.

Although gourmet shows always use a super-powerful celebrity card, “Chinese Restaurant” does the opposite. They put celebrities in foreign countries. They take away their celebrity aura and portray them as ordinary people. The program then leads the celebrities to run a Chinese restaurant even if there’s a language barrier, limited funds, and lack of experience.   They teach people How to break through themselves and challenge seemingly impossible tasks, Chang Yi writes poetry and distance of life? It has become another story thread of Chinese Restaurants besides spreading Chinese food culture. This realistic plot similar to life is undoubtedly a variety of creations and innovations with social considerations, which is not difficult to understand why the topic burst after the program was broadcast.

4. Abstract of Mandarin Restaurant

However, the program was not always rainbows and unicorns. There were intrinsic challenges that they have to face. It has been difficult since the first day of running the restaurant, but we have also seen the courage and determination of the five partners to break through themselves and advance and retreat together. As Zhao Wei said at the beginning of the program, “The most important thing in life is to do something you have never done before”.Of course, “first of all, the core is that these things are rewarding or meaningful for you”.

Now that you have made a decision, you should meet the difficulties and use your own experience and wisdom to solve all kinds of problems. Through the screen, you can feel the full positive energy. This temperament can infect and inspires people.  It represents the ideals and feelings of Chinese people who are good at accepting new scientific knowledge, putting their hearts closer to the world, and actively yearning for a better future. Because of this, I think I will continue to pay attention to this variety show and look forward to the next issue.

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