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Learn Mandarin Journey in 52ChineseLearning School

Imagine, You have been learning Chinese for years. However, real progress seems to elude you. No matter how hard you try self-studying and immersing yourself in Chinese-learning books, you can’t go past HSK One. You have tried all methods of immersion too. You binged Chinese dramas and action movies. You frequently listen to Chinese artists, only to no avail. Frustration is knocking on your doorstep. Perhaps, to learn Mandarin isn’t for you.

That’s my thought process, two and a half years ago. I know that I would have stopped my learn-Mandarin journey if I did not come across a life-changing experience. I am *Miles* and this is my story on how I become an eloquent Chinese speaker from a barely Chinese-speaking person.

Online Chinese Courses
Online Chinese Courses

I remember that day as stellar as if it was yesterday. It was a Sunday afternoon. Out of my frustration, I ditched my usual learn-Mandarin routine. Instead, I browsed among the online Chinese learning groups looking for inspiration to continue. That’s when I came across a video. It was a review of 52 Chinese Learning schools and how they effectively helped one of my colleagues boost their Chinese proficiency.

See, even though I was aware of how imperative it is to get professional help, I wasn’t sure where to go. That video redirected my focus. I decided to inquire about the 52 ChineseLearning schools.

At first, I was skeptical. So I merely tried the free Chinese 1-on-1 trial class. The experience was astounding. Despite being just a trial class, the teacher acted professionally.

Her name is Ms. Xiao, a long-serving Chinese native teacher with more than half a decade of experience in teaching. She first resolved any technical difficulties out of the way. Ms. Xiao asked me structured questions regarding my internet connectivity and technical availability, such as microphone and webcam.

After ensuring that technical difficulties wouldn’t be a problem, we engaged in small talk. I believe that this was a way to make me comfortable and check my Chinese level. We talked about my goals in Chinese learning, whether I’m aiming to use it professionally or merely for recreation. We also conversed about various Chinese literary and musical artists that we love. As martial arts enthusiasts, we talked majorly about Chinese Martial artists from the late ’50s to ’80s. Naturally, the conversation moved towards documentaries and fictional movies about these artists. It was an exciting conversation. It abolished my premature fear of professional  Chinese learning. After all, this is the first time I have tried a professional class. The small talk made me feel secure and comfortable.

Ensuing the small talk, we tackled textbook materials. I have a small foundation in Chinese. However, I still have problems differentiating tonal tones from the other and the nuances of how to pronounce them. That is where Ms. Xiao demonstrated her impeccable grasp of the Chinese language with a keen sense of precision and professionalism. Precision, because she addressed my problems in a short period. Ms. Xiao tackled how my tones fell apart due to the lack of rising pitch. In the case of the third tone, she pin-points how my voice starts at a lower register before going into a neutral tone. Ms. Xiao’s examples and demonstrations were easy to follow and quite engaging to watch. It goes to show how good she is at her craft professionally.

Another thing I loved about Ms. Xiao’s teaching was her conciseness. She tackled different nuances with ease. She explained it in concepts easy to grasp and apply. It was like watching a seasoned mechanic dismantle a complex machine then explain each part with precision. Then let you build the apparatus under her supervision. That one lesson was certainly life-changing.

To my dismay, the trial class ended. However, I have a new insight into Chinese learning and a firmer foundation that motivated me to continue. So I decided to take their Adult Lessons package. We explored different aspects of the Chinese language like regular Chinese lessons, travel Chinese, Chinese culture, business Chinese, and HSK preparation.

Now, I am still learning. However, I am already at HSK 6. I can speak nearly at the level of Native Chinese. I am still under the supervision of 52ChineseLearning school. Their Chinese courses immensely helped me personally and professionally. It opened multiple doors of opportunity which led to the successful life I am currently enjoying.

52 Chinese learning school, for me, is one of the best institutions for Chinese learning. Not only do they provide an individualized course syllabus, but they are also flexible. The class schedules are customizable as long as you provide prior notifications. If you are where I was three years ago, then perhaps enrolling in a Chinese learning school is what you need. If so, I recommend 52ChineseLearning school.

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