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Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes

How can ABCs learn Chinese well quickly? Let’s talk about this topic today. It is impossible to learn Chinese in 5 minutes, but every learner can learn Chinese for 5 minutes every day. In language learning, consistency is the key. That is why let’s spend about 5 minutes today learning Chinese learning skills. This will help us to know how to improve our language level later.

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1. Learn basic grammar.

People often think that Chinese has no grammar, which is wrong. Chinese grammar does exist, but it is quite different from the grammar in Europe or other language systems. Chinese is a very analytical language, which is both good news and bad news for language learners.

For example, there are no complicated rules in Chinese in terms of collocation, consistency, gender, plural changes or tenses. Most words contain only one syllable, and then they are combined to form compound words. This makes the sentence structure quite simple and straightforward.

However, Chinese also has its own unique grammatical rules, which are not found in English or other European languages. For example, Chinese uses grammatical rules such as grading, highlighting topics, and preferences. . Other languages do not utilize this element, Therefore, it is quite difficult for beginners to master these rules.

However, despite these differences, Chinese does use the same word order as English, such as subject-predicate-object, so word-for-word translation becomes much easier. After all, this principle is a universal rule. For example,’ he likes dogs’ in English is directly translated as’ tā (he) xǐhuān (likes) gǒu (dogs).

2. Learn how to use Pinyin.

Pinyin is a system for writing Chinese in Latin letters. Pinyin, the most common form of writing system is used in many textbooks and teaching materials.

Pinyin learners can concentrate on their pronunciation, and at the same time, they can read and write without complicated Chinese Characters. Although Pinyin uses Latin letters, for English speakers, the pronunciation of Pinyin letters does not come naturally.  Consequently,  we must study Pinyin carefully.

For example, the phonetic letter’ c’ is pronounced like the’ ts’ in the word’ bits’, the phonetic letter’ e’ is pronounced like the’ er’ in the word’ hers’, and the phonetic letter’ q’ is pronounced like the’ ch’ in the word’ cheap’. Because of these differences, you need to learn the correct pronunciation of Pinyin before using it. It is the basic requirement for reading and speaking Chinese.

Although the process of learning Pinyin pronunciation seems painful, it is extremely useful for you to learn Chinese.  It is much easier to learn Pinyin pronunciation than to memorize traditional Chinese.

3. Teachers can help foreigners learn Chinese Pinyin quickly.

How to learn Chinese Pinyin quickly? Our Chinese teachers can carry out individualized Chinese teaching according to students’ Chinese levels. Through this approach,  students can make significant progress in learning Chinese Pinyin in a short time.

Teachers achieve this through designing Chinese course teaching with more goals and directions for individual learning. They base this on people’s orientation and use their own atmosphere of learning Chinese in class to interact with Chinese teachers. This way, learners can improve their Chinese learning plans. Of course, foreigners who study in small classes, apart from interacting with Chinese teachers, will also have supplementary interactions. There is more interaction with your classmates to complement your own shortcomings in Chinese learning, so as to make progress together.

4. Practice reading and writing Chinese characters.

The last obstacle to learning Chinese is learning to read and write Chinese characters. This process may take a long time, even years, because the only way to learn Chinese characters is to keep memorizing and practicing.

According to BBC statistics, there are more than 50,000 Chinese characters., The good news is most of these are rarely used. An educated Chinese can memorize about 8,000 Chinese characters, but to read newspapers, it is enough to master about 2,000 of them.

When writing Chinese characters, you first need to learn the radicals, which is like the most basic brick of every Chinese character. Some radicals can become a single word, while others can be combined to form more complex Chinese characters.

It is also important to write Chinese characters according to the correct stroke order. You need to follow a series of specific writing rules, such as from left to right, from top to bottom, first in the middle, and then on both sides.

You can buy books like Tian Zige and Mi Zige to write Chinese characters. These books can help you master the correct structure of Chinese characters. Its design is for primary school students, but they are useful for every beginner of Chinese characters.

One of the main advantages of learning Chinese characters is that it can help you understand Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, and other languages. These characters utilize many traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese. Although their pronunciation is different from Chinese.

These are the Chinese learning skills that I want to share through three aspects. I hope that every student can persist in learning Chinese.

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