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Chinese High School Uniforms, Which One do You Like?

In 1958, China’s social atmosphere is relatively loose. That is why the school uniform in this era are bold. Fancy woolen coats and lace skirts will appear on the road. We will continue introducing Chinese high school uniforms, come and have a look at which one you will like.

Chinese high school uniforms
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1. The Sixties and Seventies: Love Armed

In the 1960s and 1970s, due to the different ideas of governing the country, the young and flourishing students “preferred” and “were selected” military uniforms. In addition to the consideration of national ideology, the students who wear military uniforms are really handsome. The boys are masculine and the girls are sassy. However, after many years the uniform changed.  

It is far-fetched to say that the military uniform has replaced the “school uniform”. At that time, there were almost no schools in normal classes, so there was no “school uniform” at all. In the prevailing social atmosphere, a military uniform was the choice of almost all young people.

2. The 1980s: Sea Soul Shirt is Popular

In the 1980s, the real sense of school uniform appeared. Due to the aesthetic taste of the last ten years, there are many “military elements” in the design of school uniforms. The Yellow army uniform is too rustic, the camouflage suit is too miscellaneous, and the white air force dress is not resistant to dirt. Consequently,  the white shirt, sky blue trousers, and belt skirt imitated the navy uniform came into being. However, at this time, the school uniform is still disorderly, there is no unified standard, there is no standardized style, and each school has its own “aesthetic”.

In the film reflecting the students’ life in this period, the “navy uniform” style school uniform occupies half of the screen space. An unforgettable high school time and the missing girl student, there are Navy uniforms. Their school uniform is the most representative, and the most standard navy uniform. I have to say that the navy uniform is still very cool. Compared with the Khaki Uniform of the last 20 years, the navy uniform with blue and white is still very eye-catching.

In recent years, many people have envied Japanese students’ clothes, especially the “sailor’s clothes” of female students, and think that is the orthodox navy uniform. Chinese people very much want to have a “sailor suit” in our primary and secondary schools. However, sailor’s clothing has become an aesthetic phenomenon and traditional costume in Japan, If we move indirectly without modification, it may not be suitable for our aesthetic taste.

3. The 1990s: Sports Clothes with Face Pocket

In the 1990s, when many post-80s were studying, Chinese high school uniforms were blooming everywhere. However, the school uniform of this era is like the “great leap forward”, which is to complete the “political task of getting rich.” School uniforms of this era have no sense of beauty and decoration. Blue or green color matching, polyester, acrylic-based fabrics, and ultra-wide tailoring allow students in their prime years to “curl up” in the “face pocket” to spend their childhood and adolescence.

Because of the ugliness of the noodle bags, in some economically developed areas such as Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Guangdong, began to appear in the next decade in the motherland will be able to blossom everywhere in the western schools uniform. The economic gap has opened people’s aesthetic tastes. Of course, such clothes coincide with the concept of “collective supremacy” at that time.

The same clothes can not “show” people’s character, and may even hinder the formation of personal “character.”This kind of school uniform and unified textbook “shape” the “collective shared character” have become the fashion of the whole post-80s generation. It is still a topic whether such uniform dress will hinder the personality development of teenagers.

In the 21st century, in the face of this more and more beautiful world, no matter where you are, you have reason to expect a school uniform era in full bloom.

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