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Learn Chinese APP – Children’s Favorite

“I hope my child can speak fluent Chinese.” It is necessary to choose an interesting and efficient learn Chinese APP! Now, let’s present our Chinese learning APP recommendation list to the parents!

Learning Chinese is not only a form of inheritance for our Chinese traditional culture but also a follow-up of the international trend. Because now more and more people all over the world are learning Chinese.

The Situation of Chinese Learning

The evidence is clear. The Chinese language is permeating almost all parts of the world.

Chinese writing
Chinese writing

In Britain, George Osborne, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, once allocated 10 million pounds for English primary schools to introduce Chinese courses!

In the United States, President Trump’s three granddaughters have been studying Chinese hard since childhood. They are quite adept at singing Chinese songs and reciting ancient poems. They make Chinese learning look like a cinch!

In Russia, starting from 2019, hundreds of Russian middle school students will take the Chinese subject test of the national unified examination for the first time!

In this situation, you can’t do it without learning Chinese well! China’s development is far ahead now. It will exponentially grow in the succeeding years. How can you make your baby fall in love with learning Chinese? There are many things that deter people to learn Chinese. If the pronunciation of many initials and finals, as well as the writing of stroke order, make adults have a headache, what more for the children?

Recommend APPs

1. Chinese Pinyin Spelling Learning

It’s a learning artifact of Pinyin spelling! My child likes the learn Chinese APP very much. It’s a bit like a literacy card, but much more interesting. It features many elements a literacy card does not. It has Music with pictures, teaching children how to learn Pinyin through, listening, speaking, writing, practicing, and children’s songs.

In particular, I would like to recommend the pronunciation explanation of the Chinese Pinyin Spelling Learning app. It is very detailed, such as the comparison of pronunciation length, lip movements, and other details. The environment of speaking, writing, and practicing is also very interesting, especially since there will be jingle short sentences to learn!

2. Wukong literacy

There are a lot of people who use literacy. The slogan of this app is “ten minutes a day, easy to go to elementary school”. Its design is based on Journey to the West, with more than 120 literacy games and 1,200 literacy animations. The short stories and scenes in it are engaging and enchanting. It has animations quite similar to that of the cartoons. It also features a pictographic analysis of every word that makes learning reinforcement easier, for children.

What’s special is that the games inside can exercise children’s memory, observation, and review the words they have learned before. In addition, only by completing the previous task of learning Chinese characters can you unlock the following games. Playing games is the nature of children, so this setting is still very attractive to many children.

3. Hong En literacy

Hong En Literacy is my favorite Chinese learning app. Why? Because it’s in line with children’s psychology! Whether it’s playing, recognizing, practicing or writing, it shows many lovely characters and pictures which is super attractive!

 Hong En literacy has three highlights:

First of all, there are three roles to choose from as the guardian of the universe. You can bring in your identity from the first study and protect the universe by learning Chinese characters.

Secondly, the game is integrated into learning, and the scene imitation is particularly good. It is incredibly intricate that even adults want to play.

Finally, of course, exercise your hands-on ability! Unlike many learning apps that only need to be read or watched, literacy in Hong En especially trains children’s hands-on abilities. It requires children to click and interact with the lesson, which can train children’s various abilities.

4. Learn Baby Tang Poetry

Baby Tang poetry learning app is simply a small stage for all kinds of animated characters. There are all kinds of animated animals to guide children to learn Tang poetry, including pronunciation, animation, Chinese characters and pinyin. Plus, you can have a partner in learning. You can choose to learn with Bei Le Hu or with Bei Wa, Meng Wa, Xiao Shuai Cat, etc. Even at the point where the partnership does not work anymore, you can easily substitute. The picture and background music of this app is tantalizing t. the content is not limited to Tang poetry. There are also children’s songs, idiom stories, and so on.

5. Children learn Chinese characters

Children’s learning Chinese characters is a phased and targeted Chinese learning app, just as it can be divided into small classes, middle classes, large classes, etc. at school, it can be selected according to the degree of difficulty. Learn and practice. each word has corresponding picture examples and pronunciation. What is particularly praised is the comparative teaching feature of this app. It has been shown to help children deepen their memory through examples.

Practice is also particularly interesting. It entices children to practice In the form of playing games.  The kid can choose the corresponding Chinese characters by listening to the voice. If correct, you will get a small yellow flower, if you are wrong, you will get a small hammer. Voice reminders are fun.

6. Maitian Pinyin

Have you seen the dancing pinyin? There are so many animations in the Pinyin app in the wheat field that I can’t stop watching it as an adult! Moreover, dubbing is the little milk sound of children, which sounds cute and adorable.

In the Pinyin app in Wheat Field, children’s learning process is just like watching cartoons. Where you click, there will be a dynamic picture that jumps out and teaches children to read. It’s super fun! After the study, there is a review session. The reviewed pictures are very loving, and there will be scores and transcripts!

7. Learn Chinese and Pinyin Island for Baby

You are not mistaken, there is really an island in the app for babies learning Chinese literacy Pinyin Island! However, there’s one catch. The island is inhabited not by people but with pinyin letters. The picture of Pinyin Island is very beautiful. Every initial and final can teach pronunciation, writing, and word formation. Plus, every phrase has its corresponding dynamic picture, which is very vivid.

Let’s download one learn Chinese APP and have a try. Let’s see whether our children like and learn it quickly!

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