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The Best Way to Learn Chinese

For those who learn Chinese, you may think that Chinese is the most difficult language in the world, but some people will find it simple and others will find it difficult. There are different nuances in the learning approach that can affect your progress. Those who feel simple, do they have the best way to learn Chinese? How do they make learning Chinese look so easy?

Grasp the Learning Opportunities

I recommend that students not only learn Chinese in class but also grasp the learning opportunities after class. They need to utilize the practical application of Chinese so that they can make faster progress. Most foreigners like to be roommates with people from their own country, but if you want to learn Chinese well as soon as possible, you’d better choose a roommate who can speak Chinese. That way, when you have a question, you can always ask him.

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Secondly, you can also try to watch Chinese TV programs, especially cartoons.  the language design of cartoons is suitable for children. Thus it is simple and easy to understand.  Even the dialogue is relatively simple. It’s incredibly simple that foreigners with some basic knowledge can understand them. In the process of watching cartoons, you can also record new words that you don’t know and then ask the teacher in class. It is also good to listen to Chinese songs or class recordings. Not only is this a good pastime,  It can also exercise your listening well. Listening to the recording is handy. It ensures that there won’t be a waste of your time when you take the bus or clean your room.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are many ways to learn Chinese. No matter which language you learn, the most important thing is to practice. In China, you can try to have conversations with local people in Chinese. You don’t have to deliberately look for someone who can practice with you. For example, when you buy daily necessities in China, you can consult a salesperson about product features. Another good conversation is asking the shopping guide where the items you want to buy are placed. In this way, you can practice your listening and speaking skills outside the classroom.

What teachers teach in class is only the tip of the iceberg. Only by integrating into life can we reinforce Chinese. That’s the only way we can be fluent. Perhaps these are other best ways for Chinese learners to learn Chinese. However, sometimes it is inaccessible to people. For example, the greatest form of immersion is studying Chinese in China. This is the most advantageous condition. However, this method is not for everybody. Ergo, your best choice is the ones listed above. While Learning Chinese in a native language environment can help you progress faster, it is not the most optimal way.

Parents Experience

The above Chinese learning methods can be used for reference by adult learners. So, are there any good ways for children to learn Chinese? Take the learning experience of our married children as a reference. This paper mainly introduces how to create a Chinese language environment.

1. Communicate in Chinese at Home

Since the baby was born, we have made a rule: we must speak Chinese at home.

Even if the child takes the initiative to speak English every day, I will take the trouble to emphasize this rule and ask her to repeat our conversation in Chinese.

2. Introduce a large number of Chinese picture books, and insist on daily reading of Chinese stories by parents and children.

In recent years, I have bought a large number of Chinese picture books from China., I bought so many that it filled five large bookshelves. However, there is not enough for I still place them in the corners of different rooms at home to ensure that children can pick up Chinese books and read them at any time within their reach.

At the same time, I have always insisted that there must be a Chinese story in parent-child reading time.

3. Fragment Time, Listen to Chinese Story Audio

We will use the leisure time to let children listen to the audio of Chinese stories. This is a good way for learning subconsciously. For example, when you get up in the morning, wash your face, brush your teeth and change clothes, and when you take the bus to school, you can turn on the audio to let your children listen to Chinese stories.

4. Add Chinese Tags to the Game

Friends who have seen many games I have shared before must know that I have always insisted on adding Chinese tags to games to create as many opportunities as possible for children to see Chinese characters.

In particular, we often play games according to the theme. We love Adding Chinese labels to the games. After repeated games, children will have a deeper impression of those Chinese characters.

Many Chinese learners are looking for the best way to learn Chinese. However, remember that it varies from person to person. Other people’s learning methods can only be used for reference, and the learning method that suits you is the most important and effective method! The individualized approach to learning remains the best choice.

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