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Information on Holding HSK Examinations in Various Places

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK for short) is an international standardized test for the Chinese proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese, and Chinese minority candidates). Level 1 of the HSK test mainly focuses on testing students’ listening and reading abilities.

1. Confucius Institute in Bangui, Central Africa, Bohai university successfully held the first HSK exam.

In order to ensure the success of this exam, Confucius Institute in Bangui, Central Africa has made careful and sufficient preparations. Before the exam is proper, students need to improve their listening and reading abilities at a practical level. They can test their progress through the four mock exams. Through this, the students will have the necessary skills and also be familiar with the form and process of the HSK exam.

On the day before the examination, the Confucius Institute in Bangui, Central Africa held an examination training meeting. The examiner, Mr. Li Yang, carefully divided the work of each link and reviewed the invigilation process to ensure a smooth examination.

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During the examination, teachers and students overcame the difficulties of a temporary power failure and high environmental temperature. The whole examination strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the examination process. This HSK test is the first Chinese proficiency test in the Central African Republic, which symbolizes the gradual recognition of the Chinese language in Central Africa. It also marks the standardization of the Confucius Institute in Bangui, Central Africa.

On April 9th, the Confucius Institute in Bangui, Central Africa, successfully held the first HSK test at Bangui University. A total of 49 candidates took the HSK Level I exam, all of which are students of the Confucius Institute in Bangui, Central Africa.

2. Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute of the Chongsheng University of Overseas Chinese successfully held HSK paper-and-pencil examination in April.

On April 9th, the HSK Paper-and-Pen Examination of Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute of Chongsheng held a successful examination at the University of Overseas Chinese. The HSK paper-and-pencil examination covers Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5. 43 examinees took the exam.  

In this exam, the Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Chongsheng University of Huaqiao abided with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations. They strictly implemented these prevention measures to ensure the safety of every examinee and mediator.

There was a small accident in the morning’s HSK Test 4. The teaching building’s communication cut off in the middle of the exam. The facilitators urgently contacted the person in charge to help check and handle the tickets. A power interruption due to circuit tripping is responsible for the power interruption After about 40 minutes, the power returned to normal. Fortunately, the power failure occurred after the end of the listening test, which did not have any impact on the test. Everything went smoothly and orderly in the exams later that afternoon.

With the concerted efforts of all the staff of the Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this HSK exam was a success. The Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Chongsheng University of Huaqiao will continue to make efforts to publicize and promote the HSK paper-and-pencil examination, so as to provide a better examination platform and a better examination experience for Chinese learners.

3. In addition to offline exams, HSK also held online exams.

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) online test (hereinafter referred to as “HSK online test”) is a new test form approved by Hanban. They derived the exam based on the paper-and-pencil test form. HSK online test supports online distribution of test papers, online answering of listening questions, writing questions, oral questions, and other examination types.  The online exam boosts efficiency for it can return the test answer data through the network. It functions well through a paperless test process.

3.1 Three advantages of online examination

(1) The length of the registration period.

The HSK online exam has a longer preparation time for the exam. The model allows for a 10-day discrepancy for registration. In addition, because there is no test paper printed and mailed, it maximizes the convenience for candidates to apply for the exam.

(2) Audio independence is clearer.

Listening test audio is played independently, as opposed to in a classroom setting. That reduces mutual interference. Plus, the audio is clearer for there is no noise pollution from the environment. Through this, candidates can hear more clearly.

(3) Keyboard input is faster.

Considering that most candidates use keyboard input in the process of practical Chinese application, the online test of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is to test their practical application ability, and keyboard input is quick and convenient.

4. Summary from the Students

The HSK online exam and the written exam have the same time and the same topic. However, the difference is that the online exam is to answer questions by computer, instead of filling out the answer sheet. The HSK online exam features a multiple-choice that examinees can click through their mice. There are two ways to choose the writing part:

one is to write by pen, and after the paper is handed in, the invigilator scans it into the computer and uploads it to the headquarters for checking. The Second one is typing directly on the computer. Computer typing features an input method freely customized according to each person’s operating habits. Pinyin or Wubi input is applicable. In the listening part, the online test is a headset for each person, and the questions are done while listening on the computer. The written test of listening is in an examination room, playing listening audio with speakers and listening as a group.

Hoping all Chinese learners will get good results from the HSK Test!

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