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APPs for Learning Chinese – Strongly Recommend

Every time I take Jenny’s class in 52CL, she always shares some practical Chinese learning Applications with me. In fact, learning Chinese with some learning tools can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Today, I especially recommend the best app to learn Chinese for every learner. Chinese learning and Chinese language enthusiasts can download and use these.

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01 Hanyuan Chinese

Hanyuan Chinese is an online learning and training platform for Chinese, designed for foreigners. It is a good platform that let, users quickly understand the basics of Chinese.

02 Easy Chinese Learning

Easy Chinese Learning app is an Internet-based Chinese learning software, which has a vast database of Chinese words and phrases. Additionally, all of these are translated manually to help you master Chinese quickly.

Software features:

(1) All Chinese phrases and words present you with two sounds and the original Chinese writing. The voice recording is quite soothing for it is iterated by local Chinese girls.

(2) Checking the details will enable you to learn every phrase and their Chinese translation word by word.

(3) Save your favorite phrases and words and review them smoothly.

(4) Use skills and cards that repeat at intervals to learn your vocabulary.

(5) Test your knowledge and review your grades with engaging Chinese questions.

03 Global Chinese learning platform

The Global Chinese learning platform has the following four characteristics:

(1) Interesting and practical Chinese learning function;

(2) Free and rich resources for learning Chinese and Chinese culture;

(3) Advanced intelligent voice and artificial intelligence technology. It also features a, customized learning plan and real-time feedback guidance.

04 Chinese Road – best app to learn Chinese

Chinese Road is a Chinese learning software for foreigners. Teachers on this platform are all professional Chinese teachers. They provide one-on-one teaching to make Chinese in line with the world.

05 Hello Chinese app

Hellochineseapp is an official app dedicated to learning spoken Chinese. The software includes the latest Chinese textbooks that allow for easy access and downloads for a better Chinese learning experience. These sets of books is a task-based oral teaching material for adult foreigners living in China. The syllabus of this app is incredibly effective. That is because it follows a science-based approach to language learning. According to its general syllabus, they employ the theory of second language acquisition and teaching research, It is compiled from four dimensions of language skills, language knowledge, cultural awareness, and learning strategies. All of these are usable as long-term and short-term comprehensive teaching materials for university language teaching departments and training institutions.

06 AHA Chinese – best app to learn Mandarin

AHA Chinese is an oral Chinese teaching and management system that integrates the latest oral teaching concepts and advanced voice assessment technology that communicates with multiple terminals. This system is built by FLTRP and iFLYTEK. It is based on iFLYTEK’s international leading intelligent voice evaluation technology and is supported by FLTRP’s scientific and professional oral training content, It aims to let Chinese learners practice oral Chinese anytime and anywhere.

07 Chinese Learning Tools

Chinese learning tool app is a Chinese character learning software that utilizes the Internet. It is committed to helping foreign friends who just started learning Chinese. It allows for a simple and engaging system that suits beginners.  They also employ Chinese learning tools especially prepared for foreign friends. With a powerful Chinese English Dictionary and interesting example sentences, you can learn Chinese easily, Feel the breadth and depth of Chinese.

08 Chiease

Chiease is a very high-quality Chinese learning tool. It is not only suitable for helping people understand the history of Chinese characters, but also is a great help to international friends in learning Chinese.

Chiease is a free Chinese learning app specially developed for those who are interested in learning Chinese and want to use Chinese to conduct business. However, this software is suited for beginners and intermediate learners. If you have a certain foundation in Chinese, you should choose more.

09 Taotie

Taotie is a Chinese learning software. Now more and more foreigners can learn Chinese. This application is just in line with this demand. It provides an immersive experience so that foreigners can learn authentic Chinese.

We are a group of educational geeks who are committed to making language learning painless.

This is an unprecedented large-scale language education experiment initiated by us.

We believe that long-time immersion in the language environment is a really effective way of language learning.

All of the videos you see come from the real-life of Chinese people.

10 Happy Vocabulary

Happy vocabulary is application software that helps children learn Chinese through playing. This allows them to stay engaged and happy when learning.  It helps children or foreign friends learn Chinese vocabulary and idioms happily and easily through three happy Games: drag and drops games, word Tetris and word Huarong Dao.

I have tried these Chinese learning APPs in my spare time, and teachers occasionally use them in class. That’s all I would like to share best APPs to learn Chinese, they are really good tools to help Chinese learning. You can download them according to your learning needs.

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