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How do I Say “Thank You” in Chinese?

How do I say “thank you” in Chinese? Let’s learn it together.

Thank you in Chinese
Thank you in Chinese

Here are three different ways to say “thank you” in Chinese.  

A.The easiest one:



Thank you.

B.If you would like to express your appreciation for something, you should use the falling phrase:

Tài xièxie le.


Thank you so much./ Thanks a lot.

The word “太 (tài)” means a lot, and in the end, the Chinese word “了 (le)” completes the sentence.

C.What if you would like to say that you really appreciate one thing that someone did for you, you can say it in this way in Chinese.

Xièxie nǐ.


Thank you.

The word “你 (nǐ)” at the end means you. “谢谢你 (Xièxie nǐ)” is like saying “thank you” in which “you” has been emphasized.

How do I say “thank you” in Chinese? – We shared different ways to express “thank you”, do you master them now?

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