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How do You Say “What” in Chinese?

“What” is a word that you use when you ask about sb. /sth. In our daily life, we have too many questions with “what” to ask for the answers. But, when you are staying with your Chinese friends or traveling in China, how do you say “what” in Chinese? Let’s figure this out today.

what in Chinese Character
What in Chinese Character




The first tone and neutral tone.

For examples,

Nǐ zǎo cān chī shén me?


What are you having for breakfast?

Nǐ de xié zi shì shén me yán sè?


What color is your shoes?

Shén me! Nǐ xiǎng lí kāi?

什么! 你想离开?

What, would you like to go?

Chinese is not one difficult language as you imagine, we should persist in studying it. Constant dripping wears away a stone. That’s all for this lesson, how do you say “what” in Chinese? Have you learned it now?

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