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How do You Say “Cheers” in Chinese?

We all are familiar with English “cheers”. When at a party, we always use “cheers” to propose a toast to everyone. But, how do you say “cheers” in Chinese? Learn basic and useful everyday Chinese words and characters with the “How do You Say” Series!

say "cheers" in Chinese
say “cheers” in Chinese



To respect

Wǒ jìng lǎoshī men yìbēi.


I propose a toast to the teachers.

Wǒ yǐ chá dài jiǔ, jìng nín yìbēi!


I replace alcohol with tea and drink a toast to you!




Bottoms up!

Wèi wǒmen de yǒuyì gānbēi!


Cheers to our friendship!

Lái lái lái, dàjiā yì qǐ wèi jiànkāng gānbēi!


Come on! Everyone, let’s drink to the health.

If we have a meal with one Chinese friend or client and would like to propose a toast, you can use “干杯 (gānbēi)” to them. That’s all for this lesson. How do you say “cheers” in Chinese? – Have you mastered it now? See you next time!

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