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How to Learn the Mandarin

When many foreign friends learn the Mandarin, their pronunciation is always full of foreign accents and foreign accents, and netizens have said that listening to such “foreign accent and foreign accent” is really worrying. If you really want to master Chinese, your pronunciation must reach a relatively standard level. Then, is there any good way to help foreign Chinese learners overcome the “foreign accent”?

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1. Feel the Mandarin Pronunciation Carefully.

It is the “hardest hit area” where tone and pronunciation errors occur. There are 20 groups of tone combination patterns of Chinese disyllabic words. When students encounter new words, they only need to imitate them with familiar words that belong to the same tone pattern, and if they see “robust”, they can imitate them with the tone of “attending class”. Just remember 20 simple disyllabic words belonging to 20 tone patterns, And carefully understand the feeling and rhythm of pronunciation, you can draw inferences from one another.

Some initials and finals in Chinese are also a big difficulty for foreign Chinese learners. Therefore, Chinese teachers should lead students to feel the pronunciation places and methods carefully. Liu Xiangjun, a Korean Chinese teacher at hansel university, teaches Korean students with zero starting point of Chinese. By understanding the characteristics of Korean pronunciation, she started by teaching Chinese Pinyin. Point out where students are prone to make mistakes in pronunciation and intonation, and demonstrate the correct parts and methods of pronunciation with tongue bitmap, so that students can practice repeatedly. This targeted intensive training has achieved good results.

2. Listening and Practicing more is the Most Important Thing

Although phonetic errors are common among foreign Chinese learners, many people can speak standard Chinese. How did they do it?

Recalling the experience of learning Chinese for the first time five years ago, Kevin, a Bangladeshi international student, said, “At that time, every time I learned a tone, I had to spend a day or two practicing it specially. When I learned it, I found many words like’ coffee’ to practice. Every tone will be read slowly, so you can feel how you feel about this tone and remember it firmly. An old student in Romania also stressed the importance of listening. She said, “Listening is the basis of oral English. If you don’t listen carefully to how Chinese people speak Chinese, how can you speak like Chinese people?”

Besides paying attention to “listening”, we should also pay more attention to “speaking”. Anna, a brave and enthusiastic French girl, is willing to take the initiative to chat with people wherever she goes. She said, “Every time I meet a Chinese, I will actively communicate in Chinese and try my best to pronounce the pronunciation accurately, even if it is a little exaggerated, I don’t care.”

Some professional Chinese teachers think that some Putonghua training methods are very good, which can help foreign students practice Chinese pronunciation to a great extent and can be used for reference in overseas Chinese teaching. “Especially some tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, ancient and modern poems, etc., are catchy. Listening and reading repeatedly is of great help to correct the tone of foreign students. ” “As long as kung fu is deep, “Iron pestle grinds into a needle”, the “three-way” method of language learning: “listen more, speak more and practice more” is the secret for foreigners to master correct pronunciation and intonation.

Of course, it is really too difficult for foreign Chinese learners to reach the level of Chinese announcers, but it is still possible to approach the correct pronunciation and reduce the frequency of foreign accents in pronunciation. Pick up confidence, practice hard and find targeted training methods, and you can speak standard Chinese.

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