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Self-preparation Materials for HSK Exam

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is an international standardized examination organized by the State Office of the Chinese language of China. In recent years, it has attracted more and more attention from overseas Chinese parents and students. With the exam season fast approaching,  I have sorted out some self-preparation materials for the HSK exam from various places to share with you. You can find the HSK preparation materials according to your needs.

HSK exam room
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1. Mobile Apps Help Learning

(1) “HSK online”

Search for “HSK online” in the mobile app store, which can be downloaded from Apple and Android. This app features a way to practice HSK online with mobile phones. It includes level 1 to level 6. Among the inclusions are listening, speaking, reading and writing. This app is truly convenient.

It is the software with the most users and the highest evaluation.

(2) “HSK hero”

The biggest feature of this app is the graded practice option. It allows you to track your learning progress through standardized scores. However, the fun does not stop there. It also includes learning new words in the form of games to practice words. The advantage of this software is its game form. It makes learning fun and interesting.

HSK hero will make it easy for you to learn all 5000 words contained in the standardized Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6). Mastering these 5000 words is a key step to achieving true fluency. HSK hero’s learning method allows you to quickly learn Chinese characters by performing recall and recognition processes, which are essential for long-term memory recollection.

HSK hero also supports both simplified Chinese characters (mainland China) and traditional Chinese characters (mainly used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao). It is suitable for all Chinese learners, from elementary to advanced.

With gorgeous graphics, exquisite Chinese characters, clear Chinese pronunciation and traditional Chinese musical instruments, HSK hero is not only an incredible learning tool but also a kind of fun to use. Master all Mandarin words in HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, and HSK 6 proficiency tests. I highly recommend this app.

(3) “HSK Chinese Level”

It is also a game form, mainly practicing words.

2. Preparing for HSK with Network Materials

HSK Online Dictionary

Chinese test service network

3. Based on the Examination Syllabus and Scoring Instructions

The content, duration, and method of the examination are introduced in detail in the syllabus. They also provide a sample paper for reference. Examinees can test their Chinese proficiency with sample papers, and review their weaknesses by going through their mistakes.

The scoring instructions introduce how to grade various types of questions. Candidates can set their own goals according to the scoring instructions.

The link of resource center resource download is attached as follows:

4. Make Full Use of Real Questions, Practice more and Classify more

HSK examination and other levels of examination, there are real questions over the years, and the real question is the most valuable review material.  Examinees should test themselves with the real question after they have mastered enough vocabulary to understand each question., We should find out the reasons for the wrong answers then classify them. So that we can draw inferences from these.

5. Memorize the Corresponding Words

If you want to pass the HSK test smoothly, it is very important to master the corresponding vocabulary of each level. It is recommended to use the HSK vocabulary test strategy here. Using this will help candidates to pass the Chinese proficiency test smoothly. It will also inevitably improve their proficiency in using and expressing Chinese words. Based on the HSK syllabus issued by the Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hanban in 2015, this book has compiled a series of HSK vocabulary examination strategies based on the published real questions of the new Chinese Proficiency Test and guidance books related to the vocabulary of the Chinese proficiency test. Moreover, the vocabulary in each volume of this series of reference books is classified by word group, It is composed of Pinyin, part of speech, Chinese and English interpretation, word expansion and collocation, simulation examples, antonym or synonym discrimination and so on. It is suitable for students who take the Chinese Proficiency Test (students whose first language is not Chinese).

The above is the HSK-related test preparation information sharing, I hope everyone can smoothly pass the exam!

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