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How to Improve HSK Intermediate Listening Quickly

As the Chinese saying goes, “Kung Fu pays off the people who have a heart.” This year, I passed HSK level 6 very smoothly. For a long time, in fact, there are not many foreign students taking level one and level two. What’s more, it’s useless for them to pass the first level and second level tests. Most people choose an intermediate level (Level 3 and level 4) for the HSK test. Today, we will talk about some points for attention in the guidance of intermediate listening.

There are 5000 words in t HSK level 6. If you teach us a trick about the vocabulary of each level of HSK, you can remember these 5000 words in the syllabus. Each of the remaining levels has twice less than that of the following levels. In other words, there are 2500 at level 5, 1200 at level 4, 600 at Level 3, 300 at level 2, and 150 at level 1. It’s easier to remember.

Today, let’s talk about listening, how to review the outline vocabulary and then find another time to share with you.

There are 50 questions in band 6 divided into three parts, which are on average, it is solvable in 35 minutes. I’ll talk about the first part today.

hsk test
hsk test

1. Never listen with your eyes closed.

Many students do not know whether it is a problem with listening habits or feel that they can concentrate with their eyes closed. They always like to listen with their eyes closed. It’s not good to do this! You don’t look at options or take notes. How can you choose the right answer?! What’s more, the long dialogue part of the third part has a relatively large amount of information. It even includes a number problem and time problem. Not to mention foreigners, the Chinese may not remember so much information, so do not tell students to listen with their eyes closed.

2. Learn to take notes.

This skill runs through HSK listening all the time. No matter if it is level 3 or level 6, the foreign students’ Union is required to take notes! How to remember? What do you remember?

First of all, remember the keywords, such as noun, time, place, character, verb, etc., as well as the related word “但是/可是/不过.” These are often followed by the answer.

Secondly, you don’t need to remember Chinese characters, Pinyin, initials, finals, or even the mother tongue of the student’s own country., As long as the students can understand them. It is convenient and easy to understand.

Finally, we should learn how to use symbols to express numbers, time, and comparison questions. Here you need to know how to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (+ – * /) and positive and negative. For example, “延长extension” and “耽误delay” are addition, “提前advance” and “提早early” are subtraction, and “买了两斤buy two catties” is multiplied by two. “今天比昨天冷。Today is colder than yesterday”. Today it can be 0, yesterday it can be 1, and so on. No matter what questions you ask, you can clearly find the right option.

3. Classify listening questions and guide students’ examination skills in different categories.

The teacher classifies keywords in advance, such as:

Location Title: 飞机场/火车站/地铁/医院/邮局Airport / railway station/subway/hospital/post office

Relationship: 夫妻/老板秘书/同学/同事husband and wife / boss secretary / classmate / colleague

Teachers can also continue to subdivide, for example, the keywords of the airport, “航班/机票/商务舱/起飞/降落flight / air ticket/business class/take-off/landing”, etc. as long as students hear these words, they will know which place they are.

Fourth: some students like to read the options word by word, and some even write the Pinyin or translation on it. This is a waste of time. If you want to scan, you should scan the options roughly, have an impression, and listen with purpose.

In a word, listening mainly depends on the accumulation of ordinary times, new words, listening process and language sense. It is not only relying on some examination skills to pass the exam. These are the methods that I want to share about how to improve HSK intermediate listening quickly. I hope it can give great inspiration to the students preparing for the exam!

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