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How to play Chinese Chess Online

Chinese chess online has a long history. Let’s talk about it from Chinese chess. There official records of this game date back to the Warring States period. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, Sai Opera was quite popular, which was also called “Gewu” at that time. During the Three Kingdoms period, the shape of chess changed constantly. This was influenced by it had communication with India. Due to the changes, there were many versions. However, there’s this pressing need to universalize the game rules. Therefore, the Northern Zhou Dynasty in the Southern and Northern Dynasties performed the second great reform of chess. Consequently, Chess activities progressed steadily. It even got adopted by the Sui and Tang Dynasties. The Song Dynasty was an era when chess was widely popular and its shape changed greatly.

After nearly a hundred years of practice, chess was shaped into a modern model at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty: 32 pieces, a chessboard with a river boundary, and so on. During the Southern Song Dynasty, chess became a household name and became a very popular chess activity. Since the founding of New China, chess has entered a brand-new stage of development. In 1956, it became a national sport. In 1962, the Chinese chess association, a subordinate organization of the All-China Sports Federation, was established. They became the main driver of Chess competitions and activities all over China. For more than 40 years, due to the promotion of mass chess activities and competitions, the level of chess skills has improved rapidly, and outstanding players have emerged constantly.

Chinese chess online
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First, know the chessboard and chess pieces

1. Chessboard

The place where chess pieces move is called the “chessboard”. On the rectangular plane, there are nine parallel vertical lines and ten parallel horizontal lines that intersect, and there are ninety intersections, where chess pieces are placed. The blank area without vertical lines between the fifth and sixth horizontal lines in the middle is called “river boundary”, and the whole chessboard is divided into two equal parts by “river boundary”; The place where the generals of the two sides sit in town and draw the square with the word “m” is called “Jiugong”.

2. Chess pieces

There are 32 chess pieces in total, which are divided into red and black groups, each with 16 pieces. Each side of the chess game holds a group, and each group has seven arms:

Red: Shuai (1), Shi (2), Xiang (2), Che (2), Ma (2), Cannon (2), and Bing (5)

Black side: generals (1), drivers (2), elephants (2), cars (2), horses (2), cannons (2), and pawns (5)

Among them, handsome, and generals, officials and scholars, phase and image, soldiers and pawns have exactly the same functions, just to distinguish between class chess and black chess.

Second, play chess and eat

1. Rules

In the game, the party holding the red chess will go first, and the two sides will then take turns moving The game does not stop until one wins, forfeits, or draws. It’s the turn of the chess player to move a chess piece from one intersection to another or to eat the opponent’s chess piece and occupy its intersection, all of which count as nothing. Each side is walking, which is called around.

2. All Kinds of Chess Moves

Handsome (general): Handsome and general are the heads of chess and the goal that both sides strive for. It can only move in the “Nine Palace”, up and down, left and right, and can only move one grid by vertical or horizontal lines at a time. Handsome and general can’t be directly opposite each other in the same straight line, otherwise, it will be a forfeit of rules.  

Shi (Shi): Shi (Shi) is the bodyguard of Shuai (Jiang), and he can only walk around in the Nine Palaces. Its chess path can only be the diagonal line in Jiugong. (Click here to try “Shi” and see if you have mastered it. )

Xiang (Xiang): Xiang (Xiang) is mainly used to defend and protect his handsome (general). Its moving method is to walk two squares diagonally at a time, commonly known as “walking like a field”. Xiang (Xiang) can’t cross the river. It can only move within the “river boundary”, and if there is a chess piece in the center of the word “Tian”, it can’t walk, commonly known as the “stuffed elephant eye”. (Click here to try “Elephant”, See if you know how to move it. )

Car: The car is the most powerful in chess. It can walk both horizontally and vertically. As long as there is no obstacle, the number of steps is unlimited. Therefore, one car can control seventeen points, so it is known as “ten children in one car are cold”.

Gun: When the gun is not captured, it walks exactly like a car.

Horse: The way for a horse to walk is to walk sideways all the time. It follows an L shape where it occupies the first grid then walks three grids perpendicular to the first one. , That is, to walk sideways or straight for a grid first, and then to walk diagonally for a diagonal line, commonly known as “the horse walks on the sun”. A horse can choose eight points around it at a time, so there is a saying of “imposing on all sides”. If there are other chess pieces blocking the direction to go, the horse can’t walk past, commonly known as “lame horse legs”.(Click here to try the “horse” and see if you have mastered its walking. )

Soldiers (pawns): soldiers (pawns) can only move forward step by step before crossing the river. After crossing the river, they are allowed to move left and right, but only one step at a time.

3. Capture

When any chess piece moves, if there is an opponent’s chess piece in the target position, you can take the opponent’s chess piece out of the chessboard and replace it with your own chess piece (that is, “capture”). Only the way the cannon eats is different from other children: there must be a chess piece between the cannon and the child being eaten to jump, commonly known as “mounting the cannon” or “beating the cannon with the other child”.

The above is the introduction of Chinese online chess and the basic rules of the game. After work and study, you can play a few games of Chinese chess. Chinese chess is vastly different from the international version. However, they do have parallelism. Nonetheless, they still function under different rule sets.

Chinese Chess is a great way to improve your strategic and cognitive skills! It is also a fun way to spend leisure time. It is constructive and fun!

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