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How do You Say “Friend” in Chinese?

In our life, friends are a crucial part of our whole life. But, how do you say “friend” in Chinese? This lesson is going to teach you how to say “friend” in Chinese. Let’s learn the useful and practical Chinese words and characters with the “How do You Say” Series!

Chinese words of friends
Chinese words of friends




For example,

Huànnàn zhī jiāo cái shì zhēn péngyǒu.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Wǒ de péngyǒu láile, wǒ yào zǒule.


My friend has arrived, time to go.

Tā yào dào chēzhàn qù jiàn yīgè péngyǒu.


He requires to go to the station to meet a friend.

That’s all for this lesson. How do you say “friend” in Chinese? – Have you mastered it now? Please don’t forget to use these practical Chinese words in real life.

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