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How do You Say “Food” in Chinese?

Chinese cuisine is famous and popular abroad, especially some specials win the foreigners’ favorites. But, how do you say “food” in Chinese? Let’s learn the useful and practical Chinese words and characters with the “How do You Say” Series!

say "food" in Chinese
say “food” in Chinese



The second tone and the fourth tone.

For example,

Zhè shì wǒ zuì xǐhuān de shíwù.


This is my favorite food.

Lǎorén bǎ zìjǐ de shíwù fēn gěile měi gè háizi.


The old man doled out his food to every child.

Tā de zuǐ lǐ sāi mǎnle shíwù.


His mouth is full of food.

Wǒmen zhǎodào le chōngzú de shíwù hé shuǐ.


We found enough food and water.

After learning this lesson, you know “food” in Chinese and how to use these Chinese words. How do you say “food” in Chinese? – Have you mastered it now?

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