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How do You Say “Dragon” in Chinese?

The Chinese dragon or Oriental dragon is a mythical creature in East Asian culture with a Chinese origin. The Chinese dragon is different from the Western dragon, it symbolizes imperial power and strength. But, how do you say “Dragon” in Chinese? Let’s learn the useful and practical Chinese words and characters!

chinese character of dragon
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The second tone.

For examples

Zhè jiàn yìshù pǐn kàn shàngqù xiàng yītiáo lóng.


This artwork looks like a dragon.

Lóng shì Zhōngguó de xiàngzhēng.


The dragon is the symbol of China.

Nǐ jiànguò zhēnzhèng de lóng ma?


Have you ever seen a real dragon?

That’s all for the lesson on the Chinese word “龙 (lóng)” in the “How do You Say” Series! Now, how do you say “dragon” in Chinese? Hoping you have mastered it.

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