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How do You Say “Beautiful” in Chinese?

How do you say “beautiful” in Chinese? Let’s learn these basic and useful everyday Chinese words and characters together.

Chinese words mei3 li4
“Beautiful” in Chinese

měi lì



美 (měi) The third tone, and means “beautiful” or “satisfactory”.

丽 (lì) The fourth tone, and means “beautiful” or “pretty”.

Actually, you can use “美丽 (měi lì)” on many things, such as to describe one person, flower, view, or even one’s life.

For examples

Tā shì gè měi lì de shū nǚ.


She is a beautiful lady.

Zhè lǐ de fēng jǐng hěn měi lì.


The scenery here is beautiful.

Bái xuě gōng zhǔ zhù zài yí gè měi lì de dà chéng bǎo lǐ.


Snow White lives in a large and beautiful castle.

That’s all for the Chinese word “美丽 (měi lì)”. How do you say “beautiful” in Chinese? Have you learned it now? See you next time!

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