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Chinese Food is Worth Trying

China is a country famous for its delicious food. Traditional Chinese dishes are very popular because of their color, texture, aroma, taste, and appearance. In addition, Chinese food is preferred mainly because of its simple preparation process in a short time. There are many of the most popular Chinese dishes in history. But today, let’s explore the eight most popular Chinese dishes you must have, because I always order Chinese food online near me.

spicy Chinese food
spicy Chinese food

1. Fried Shrimps and Cashew Nuts

Fried shrimps and cashew nuts are considered to be one of the lightest meals with good cardiovascular effects. This dish can be easily digested and can be eaten by people of any age group without any risk of health problems. In addition, its preparation is incredibly convenient.  Remember to check the shrimp before cooking. If you find them hard, then you need to add some wheat flour before frying. You can also add celery to create a great flavor accent. 

2. Kung Pao Chicken

I always order Chinese food online near me. Kung pao chicken is one of my favorite. And this dish is one of the chicken dishes famous for its Sichuan flavor, famous in China and other countries. It is served with chicken, pepper, vegetables, and peanuts. In addition, the dish is considered to be the lover of foreigners.

3. Wonton

Wonton is a popular Chinese dish, widely consumed in winter. The general appearance of wonton is a controllable right triangle, similar to Italian dumplings. This dish is usually boiled, in soup, or sometimes fried. The content of wonton can be Diced Pork or shrimp.

4. Mapo Tofu

This lively Sichuan dish is the epitome of seasoning and texture arrangement. Soft tofu can be used as a buffer for thick red sauces of pork, garlic, fermented black beans, and green onions. In addition, it is easy to buy in the Chinese market. This dish is one of the most popular Chinese dishes.

5. Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables

Fried noodle is one of the most common dishes in the local market of China. As demand increases, it is now used in other countries around the world. This dish consists of thin noodles of lentils and cornmeal dough. In addition, it accompanies the melody of eggs, sliced meat, and green vegetables, giving it a wonderful and refreshing taste.

6. Spring Rolls

This Chinese dish originated in the spring season. Spring rolls are famous all over the world. They consist of thin dough stuffed with meat or green, rolled up, and fried. They are crisp and very satisfying and come in different sizes. This is a dish that is particularly common in known cities in China, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.

These Chinese dishes mentioned above are simple and classic Chinese dishes. You can find relevant ingredients and try to make these delicious dishes!

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