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Learn Chinese – It Has Many Advantages for Children

When it comes to learning Chinese, learning Chinese may be the biggest headache for Chinese parents and children. Many parents even began to reflect, since we have all emigrated, why should we let the next generation spend so much energy on learning Chinese? Why encourage overseas children to learn Chinese? Today, we will talk about the benefits of learning Chinese.

learn to write Chinese characters
write Chinese characters

First, studying Chinese opens new ways of thinking.

When Helen was a child, whenever she saw me reading Chinese books, she sometimes asked me how to pronounce words and their meaning. I will tell her the pronunciation and meaning of each word one by one. No matter how complicated and abstract the meaning is, I will try my best to explain it clearly. I don’t know how much she can understand. But from her eyes, I saw that she was seriously trying to comprehend my message. We were communicating with each other attentively. I am conveying my thinking to her in Chinese. Besides communication, the function of language also carries the inheritance of thoughts and culture.

Living overseas, children receive western culture and education. For me, no matter how hard I try to read foreign language books, it does not tickle my interest. Reading  Chinese poems brings me more enjoyment, and reading the English version of Shakespeare is far less interesting than the Chinese version. The Chinese version brings me emotional resonance. English version Hayek Works will never make me feel that the Chinese version is rigorous and majestic. This may be because I have been exposed to Chinese since I was a child, and I am used to thinking patterns in Chinese. What does this tell us?

In fact, if you compare carefully, you will find that English and Chinese have completely different ways of thinking. Learning to communicate and read opens up areas for a new way of thinking. Moreover, this way of thinking will profoundly affect our perspective of looking at problems and dealing with them.

Secondly, learning Mandarin is not for self-expression but for you to accept another perspective of looking at problems and the world.

We should know that the world is from rational logic. In addition, there is a kind of culture full of sensibility and warmth. It is full of positive elements of self-improvement, kindness, and full of deep love feelings of patriotism. It even incorporates caring for the world first and worrying about the happiness of the world later. These elements of Chinese culture can’t be found in western culture, and for that, we are proud. It is with these positive elements and our great love that our culture has a long history of continuous development for over 5,000 years.

It is necessary to develop cultural exchanges and infiltration, and future development needs deeper exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Western cultures. Learning Chinese means learning to understand Chinese culture, no matter what career you will pursue in the future, When you learn Chinese, the elements of Chinese culture that you accept will benefit you for life!

In recent years, Chinese learning is in demand. It is really necessary for overseas Chinese families to let their children learn Chinese from primary schools? On the one hand, it is the shaping of identity, which is a problem that every overseas Chinese will face. On the other hand, cultural inheritance, I believe most people hope that the next generation will not forget their roots when they grow up. Consequently,  many parents will teach their children to speak Chinese when they are young.

But how to teach children in the end, before thinking about this problem, we should explain to children: Why should we insist on learning Chinese? What are the benefits for the future? This will make it easier for children to stick to it when they learn Chinese.

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