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Treasure Platforms for Overseas Children How to Learn Chinese

Do you want your children to learn Chinese, but you can’t do it? I want to teach kids by myself, but I don’t know where I can buy textbooks. Can you find a competent teacher and attend class safely with the epidemic still at large? I believe this is a difficult problem that many parents will encounter when accompanying their children to learn Chinese, most children don’t know how to learn Chinese. This article will share with you some treasure platforms that children must know when learning Chinese.

Useful Platforms - how to learn Chinese
Useful Platforms – how to learn Chinese

1. Chinese (How to Learn Mandarin) Education Network

China Chinese Education Network was founded by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Don’t look at it. Its web page is very crude and the information hasn’t been updated for a long time, but it has abundant Chinese teaching materials and workbooks. These materials (they are appropriate to solve how to learn Chinese.) are downloadable downloaded for free! Currently available for download are:

Children’s Chinese 《幼儿汉语》includes 4 textbooks and 1 teacher’s reference book. The book is effective as classroom teaching books for overseas Chinese children aged 4-6 years old in preschool and kindergarten. It can also function as a self-study teaching material for families.

Chinese《汉语》 is compiled by Beijing Institute of Chinese Studies. It has 12 textbooks+matching exercise books+teacher’s manual. The contents include reading Pinyin, writing Chinese characters, recognizing radicals, memorizing new words and saying sentences. It is suitable for primary school students.

Chinese (Revised Edition)《汉语》, which should be well known by overseas parents, is compiled by the School of Chinese Studies of Jinan University, and has 12 main textbooks and 24 home exercise books.

2. National Primary and Secondary School Network Cloud Platform

The national network cloud platform for primary and secondary schools was launched in China during the epidemic. It provides online course resources for primary and secondary school students in various disciplines, including English and Chinese, science, ideology and morality, music, art, etc. There are courses from primary schools to high schools. The teachers on the platform are all famous teachers in Beijing.

All learning resources on the platform are free. The Chinese course adopts the People’s Education Edition Chinese textbook. Because the platform is for domestic students, the teachers will lead students how to learn Chinese overseas children may think that the speed of the teacher’s lecture is a bit too fast, while the speed of 0.5 times is too slow.

3. Video of China (How to Learn Chinese)

Video of China (中国好故事) YouTube channel also has people’s teaching version of the synchronization course of Chinese for grades one to six, as well as ancient poetry stories such as Li Bai, Bai Juyi and Du Fu. People’s Education Edition Chinese teacher’s lecture speed is not slow either. Fortunately, YouTube can adjust the speed at will, so it’s just right for me to adjust the speed to 0.8 times! Highly Recommended. The speed of poetry explanation is just right, but the knowledge is quite esoteric, suitable for intermediate and advanced learners. Less interesting. Moreover, the video of the poetry story is very boring at the beginning, so I skip it directly and watch the poetry explanation directly for more than two minutes.

4. Learn More to Make Your Country Stronger

Maybe everyone has heard of this website (there are also apps). There are many free resources for children to learn Chinese on this platform. On the homepage (or app), find the “Radio Station” and “Listen to the trumpet” column, which has several sub-columns such as listening to stories, children’s songs, listening to English (this is unnecessary), listening to knowledge, etc. There are various stories in it, sliding up and down. You can also find “Reading Textbooks for Primary and Secondary School Students”.

5. I Love Chinese (我爱中文) 52ChineseLearning Online Chinese Class

Online one-on-one is a very popular synchronous way of attending classes now. It is almost the same as or even cheaper than private school tuition. It also saves the trouble of picking up and dropping off, and the time is well arranged. 52ChineseLearning Online Chinese Online School provides high-quality 1V1 online real-life Chinese teaching services for Chinese learners around the world. We offer enlightenment Chinese, My First Chinese Words, business Chinese, tourist Chinese, every day Chinese, medical Chinese, commonly used Chinese for studying in China, Chinese allusions, survival Chinese, commonly used Chinese radicals, 100 commonly used Chinese characters, easy learning Chinese, American Chinese, Better Chinese, Better Immersion, HSK Chinese proficiency test series, IB test, Chinese culture and so on. The course can meet the needs of learners in different industries and different levels. At present, there are big discount courses ~

Have parents written down the treasure platform that these overseas children must know when learning Chinese? Tidy up the dry goods, and quickly take the children into action!

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