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Why do Foreigners Start Learning Mandarin Now?

With China’s increasing economic status in the world, more and more people are interested in Chinese culture. It is inherent for people to gravitate towards progress. Consequently, there’s an influx of people learning Mandarin. So why do foreigners choose to learn Chinese? What problems did they encounter when learning Chinese? Listen to the insights of students from all over the world.

chinese learner
Chinese learner – image from the Internet

Tomaso, Italy: Because I think Chinese is very useful and China is a very important economic market. I think Mandarin is very useful.

I find (Chinese) it difficult to write Chinese characters. I don’t remember Chinese characters. Literacy and new words are very difficult parts for me to learn.

Sanjay Gandhi, India: I like new languages, so I am studying Chinese now. Of course, it is difficult to write Chinese. I think it is more difficult to understand what others say, but I believe that speaking easier than writing.

Miller, USA: China’s position in the world is becoming more and more significant. Therefore, now is a good opportunity to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. In Taiwan Province, people often speak Taiwanese, so I often can’t understand what the native people say.

Albert, France: I’m interested in Chinese culture. You can’t say “小姐 (xiǎo jiě)” in mainland China, because it means a special industry in mainland China, and you can’t say “酒家 (jiǔ jiā)” in Taiwan Province, because it means looking for “小姐 (xiǎo jiě)”, but restaurant means a small restaurant in mainland China, so this is something to know.

South Korea-Liu: I like Taiwanese movies, so I want to live in Taiwan Province, study Chinese, and see many beautiful places. I forget some Chinese words, so sometimes I say a sentence to Taiwanese people, but they don’t understand it.

Finland Väinö: I want to try something new. When I first came to Taiwan Province, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to learn Chinese. However, when I started learning Chinese, I find it fascinating. . Chinese is quite different from other languages I have learned. The pronunciation, writing and even fonts of Chinese are very difficult to understand.

Australia Adam: I’m a food enthusiast. I’m very interested in Chinese cuisine. So, I came to China to travel and live for several years. Here,  not only did I learn about the culture, food and scenery, but also quickly mastered Chinese. I am very grateful to my Chinese friends, who have helped me a lot.

Why do foreigners have meetings to learn Chinese? These are the learning experiences of these Chinese learners. Generally speaking, it is because of China’s rapid development and unlimited potential. China is rich in a vast land and natural resources, rich in cultural heritage with a long history, and profound Chinese culture. For these reasons,  It is worth learning Chinese. The art of language fascinates people. They want to know more about china, or they want to work and travel in it.  However, some people want to be Chinese friends.   Others merely want to build partnerships with Chinese enterprises. The strength of China captivates foreigners to learn about China, and then learn Chinese.

Although Chinese is difficult, are you interested in becoming a Chinese learner?

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