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How to Teach Children Express Colors in Mandarin

Children will be interested in color when they reach a certain age. However, you may find that you will encounter many difficulties in teaching colors to your baby. In fact, it is very easy to teach your baby colors as long as you master the skills. Let’s take a look at the stock of the skills of teaching babies colors in Mandarin.

1. In General

Period: Generally, when your baby is one year old, you can start to show them the colors.

Order: The order of cognition is red – black – white – green – yellow – blue – purple – gray – brown. Mothers can teach their babies to recognize colors if they follow this order.

There are many steps in the specific method. We will go through all these one by one.  First, the “listening method” is adopted, so that children can point out or take out the corresponding color items. Of course, this must be done under the guidance of their parents. Parents can narrate according to the color names. The listening method helps with the comprehension of children to understand the color names.

teach children chinese
teach children Chinese

Another step of the specific method is the point saying method. This is the second step of the progression. Parents can gradually change to “point saying” where parents take out or point out an item and let the child tell what color it is. After recognizing the basic color, other colors can be compared, such as green and light green. And red, pink, yellow, dark yellow, etc., using the “contrast method” to teach intermediate colors.

2. Let’s Share Some Practical Skills

First, the skills of teaching your baby to learn colors in Chinese.

(1) Teach Colors to Follow the Rules

Everything has its own rules to follow. Such a thing applies to teaching colors. When teaching baby colors, you can follow the order of red – black – white – green – yellow – blue – purple – gray – brown. This is one of the most efficacious methods which can get twice the result with half the effort. Of course, we should also pay attention to step by step. Just be mindful of the learning load. We can’t teach overload the children. They will not learn nor retain the lesson if they are overloaded.

(2) Non-emphasis Method

When teaching babies to recognize colors, the non-emphasis method is very useful. For example, when you see a red balloon, you should say “this is red, not white”. This way trains the children in different colors under their respective names. Through the right and wrong ways, it will deepen children’s impression of color.

(3) Identify the Color in Kind

Another imperative aspect is integration. When teaching children colors, they should have a practical application for it. Parents need to integrate the skill of differentiating colors into real-life. . For example, when the baby eats, they can recognize the different colors of the dishes. Another example is when choosing clothes. Babies can then differentiate the colors of their clothes. One last example is when going out. when you go out and see other colors, you can let your child recognize them. 

(4) Identify Colors by Induction.

The role of inductive games is to strengthen the baby’s awareness of color. Parents can ask their children to name green objects, red objects, and blue objects. In this way, children will have a better understanding of colors.

(5) Use Books

Parents can buy coloring books for their children. It is better if the books are color books. It is even more convenient if these books have appealing short stories or pictures. Use books to teach children colors, repeat them several times, and finally let children recognize them by themselves.

(6) Draw Pictures

Artists have the best color awareness out of all professions. That is because brush colors are diverse. So parents can buy some brushes for their children and let them paint. The paintings made will have their own colors, and then the children will be taught to recognize the colors through painting.

(7) Photos

Today’s photos are also colorful. Therefore, parents may wish to make use of the photos at home, let the baby recognize the people or things in the photos first, and then let the baby tell the specific color of the photos.

(8) Toys

Children like to play with toys, and they spend most of their time with toys. Therefore, parents can use toys to teach their babies how to learn colors, and let their babies tell the colors of toys in the process of playing every day.

Second, correctly guide the babies when they express colors in Mandarin.

At the beginning of color learning, babies will make mistakes. At this time, patience is the key. Parents should guide them correctly. When the baby makes a mistake, don’t over-criticize, don’t abuse, and gently correct it. In this way, babies will always have an interest in learning colors.

In short, you should not be too hasty in teaching your baby to learn colors in Mandarin. You should follow the rules, practice, and correct mistakes constantly. These tips can help parents and make babies recognize colors quickly!

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