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What are the purposes and significance of foreigners learning Mandarin?

For many foreigners, learning Mandarin is very difficult. There are many reasons for this. First, it’s hard to stick with. Second, Mandarin itself is hard to learn. In China, there is a very popular program for learning Chinese-Chinese Bridge. The students are already quite eloquent with the Chinese language. However, when the reporter interviewed them, they also said frankly: “I learned Chinese and learned how to cry in the storm”. Since learning Chinese is so difficult, why do so many people still want to learn? What is the purpose and significance of foreigners in learning Mandarin?

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1. Facilitate Communication with Outsiders

Whether more and more people in China are learning English, more and more people in foreign countries are studying in China or learning Mandarin, it signifies one thing. It reflects the increasingly close communication between countries. Nowadays, in the big cities in China, you can a plethora of foreigners  Mastering a language means better communication with the locals.

2. Better employment

Now more and more people choose to work or study abroad, or even settle abroad. If you know nothing about foreign languages, navigating in a new country is a herculean task. At the same time, many foreign companies go to China to recruit talents.  Mastering languages opens doors of opportunity, personally and professionally.

3. Exercise Thinking Ability

Learning a language can well train people’s thinking ability because you must combine it with your mother tongue and respond in a short time. Generally, those who can master five or six languages or even seven or eight languages have a very high IQ, and they are also very sensitive to things.

4. Increase Knowledge

To master a language thoroughly, you must know the cultural, political, economic, and historical background of the country. Therefore, learning a language well can increase a lot of knowledge and broaden your horizons., If a person knows a language, the more likely they are to work or travel abroad in the future. Plus they will have a better resume. The whole person’s world outlook will be more complete.

Moreover, most adult Chinese learners will mention that in order to understand Chinese culture and history, you must first speak the language. I’m not saying that you have to read Confucius’ books. However, some things may not be your cup of tea as an English speaker. These might make you feel confused and dissatisfied. But once you begin to master t basic written Chinese, you will begin to understand the internal relations and patterns. Thus, you’ll better understand Chinese society and its spiritual world. You will have another cultural view.

Learning Putonghua is really a challenge. However, whether you will use it in the future or not, it is always right to learn more. After all, there is no end to learning. People always have to learn something new to challenge themselves and make themselves progress!

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