HSK Test Prep Courses

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HSK Test Prep Courses are designed based on students’ Chinese proficiency and specific needs. Our professional Chinese teachers will analyze the learners’ learning situation and formulate and strictly implement the studying plan for HSK to help students achieve good scores in the HSK test. Would you like to learn more about our courses? Please take a free trial lesson now!

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HSK scores are not only necessary certificates for colleges and universities for the admission of international students. It also becomes a necessary condition for international students to work in China. 52ChineseLearning tailors HSK test prep courses to students’ levels and specific needs, and our professional Chinese teachers guide students to study Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus. The syllabus, specifically for HSK tests, includes test requirements and processes, language functions, vocabulary lists, grammar structures of all the content mentioned above, so that students can better understand the HSK test and pass the test smoothly.

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