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Practical Tools for Translating English to Mandarin

Many Chinese learners are constantly searching for practical tools to translate English to Mandarin. Today, we will explore and introduce some useful practical tools for translating English into Chinese that are accessible and accurate.

English to Chinese - Practical tools
English to Chinese – Practical tools

1. Netease – Netease Dictionary

Youdao Dictionary is a free universal translation software in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, and other languages produced by Netease Youdao Company, a subsidiary of Netease. Netease Youdao Dictionary’s online translation, voice translation, photo translation, offline translation, and other functions are sought after by users. Youdao Dictionary is not only a portable translator but also a powerful super translation dictionary. It Lets you master Chinese easily in your study, work, and life.

2. Baidu Translation

Baidu Translation is a free translation application integrating translation, dictionary, and situational examples. The professional offline dictionary and offline translation engine allow you to search and translate local words anytime and anywhere. It also incorporates detailed and comprehensive dictionary results and translations with incredible accuracy. It even includes network definitions, phrases, example sentences, encyclopedia definitions, etc. Among them, the voice input and camera input functions allow you to do a word search or translation services by saying sentences or taking photos instead of typing.

3. Google Translation

Google Translation Software is a mobile phone translation application, which supports the translation function between simplified Chinese and more than 100 other languages, and allows you to translate words, phrases, and web pages instantly. According to different usage requirements of different scenes, Google Translation App provides keyboard input, handwriting input, and voice input. Users can also download language packs and turn on offline translation.

It also features a Word Lens (just-in-time camera translation)  for Chinese learners to translate English into Chinese. Furthermore, because it doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet, users can directly use Google translation on other apps through the function of “Tap to translate”.

4. Kingsoft PowerWord

Kingsoft Internet Security is one of the most popular dictionary translation learning tools. It Supports a variety of offline dictionaries and pronunciations It also includes an offline and online option.  You can also click any word in the software to display the translation. At the same time, words can be added to the new word book, without the tedious task of looking up the dictionary. This multi-terminal cloud synchronization of new words,  utilizing Ebbinghaus memory, is accessible and user-friendly.

5. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary, translated as “urban dictionary” in Chinese, is an American online slang dictionary, which contains many popular English slang sayings that can’t be found in conventional dictionaries. The Chinese online buzzword “no zuo no die” is included in it. The latest ones are “you can you up” and “no can no BB”, which is a complimentary package.

These are the practical tools that Amway wants to give Chinese learners today to translate English into Chinese. I hope they can be helpful to everyone’s learning!

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