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New Year’s day special: The origin of Yuandan

After 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, a complete earth revolution, the year finally came to its end. 

2021 was hard for everyone. Not only did it challenge our survival as a species, but it also confronted our deepest fears. However, it did give us something valuable. With every challenge we faced, we reaped a lesson. In every fear we felt, we also felt hope. When it took away our comfort, it also enabled us to look beyond the horizon for an opportunity. It was hard but also a valuable year. Now, we celebrate its passing. 

January 1st is a time to be with family. It is a chance to remember and be thankful for all the blessings and challenges of the previous year. The celebration consists of sharing a hearty meal and lavish gifts. Of course, it cannot be complete without the annual fireworks show. It is always a good omen to start the year on a good note.

In China, people call this day “Yuandan” In Jin Shu, compiled by Fang Xuanling in the Tang Dynasty. He called the first lunar month Yuan and the 1st day, Dan.

To know more about this topic, let us delve more into the knowledge points. 

元旦(Yuán dàn)New Year’s Day

跨年 (kuà nián)new year countdown

新年决心 (xīn nián jué xīn)New Year’s resolution or New Year resolution

Yuán dàn shì yí gè jiā tíng tuán jù de rì zi 


New Year’s Day is a day for a family reunion.

Lái zì shì jiè gè dì de rén huì yòng bù tóng de fāng shì kuà nián 


People from different parts of the world celebrate New Year’s Eve in different ways.

Nǐ de xīn nián jué xīn shì shí me 


What’s your New Year’s resolution

New Year’s Day is the first day of the lunar calendar. The day signifies Earth’s completion of one revolution and starting another. It represents a fresh beginning where people will move past the previous year to welcome the new one. The first day of the year (Yuandan) has been considered the most important festival since ancient times.

As a matter of fact, there is an interesting legend about Yuandan

About 4000 years ago, there was a golden era. People call it the prosperous era of Yao and Shun. It started when Yao was the king. He was a great king. People revere him as he did numerous beneficial and amazing things for his people. However, as he reaches the limit of his mortality, he had but one concern; the throne. He had to relinquish the powers of the throne to the right person. , since his son was not as capable as he, Yao did not pass on his throne to his son but to Shun, a wise and gentleman.

Yao told Shun: “You must pass the throne to the right person. Only then, will I feel at peace when I die.” Shun passed his throne to Yu, who was a hero because he could control flooding. Just like Shun, Yu also did a lot of good deeds for the people and was revered by them. After Yao died, Shun set the day he made sacrifices to the heavens and gods, as well as to the late Yao, as the first day of the year.

Previous dynasties would organize celebrations and sacrifices on this day, for example sacrificing to the immortals and their forefathers, dragon dancing, writing Spring Festival scrolls, and character fortunes.

As the New year starts, many challenges will come our way. After all, we are not aware of what tomorrow holds. However, no matter what challenges it may bring, may we not falter. This is a new year, a new beginning, let’s make it ours. Happy New year! May this year be gentle to you. 

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