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Latest Three One and Only in the World

In 2020, following the opening of One and Only Mandarina on Disharu Coast, three other hotels opened in Rwanda, Montenegro, and Mandarina. The one in Mexico will soon open its doors to welcome guests from afar. One&Only Hotel specially invited designers such as Jean-Michel Gathy and RickJoy, who interpreted the brand concept in different ways. Where is these newly opened hotel located? What kind of design concept does it have?

One & Only Mandarina
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1. One and Only Mandarina in Mexico

Mexico One&Only Hotel, located 30 minutes north of Punta Mita, will undertake a luxurious architectural form along the undeveloped coastline of Riviera Nayarit. The hotel will have a beautiful and magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. The whole project includes hotels and private houses, all designed by Rick Joy, a famous interior designer. The area of 54 custom houses ranges from 5,000 to 11,000 square feet, plus a huge outdoor space.

Precision and detail are the keys to supporting the design. It must be intricate and fine enough. Designers show respect for a local culture when designing and selecting materials under the guidance of the original crafters. By being cautious and cherishing the spirit of every place in the world, he built a real-life stage with architecture that showcases the surrounding living environment.

“We have set out to build a destination that respects the past and remembers the future.” The person in charge of the hotel management said.

Through careful, very low-density land planning, Mandarina will protect the terrain, native flora, wildlife, and ecosystem here, which are currently thriving here.

2. One and Only Mandarina in Rwanda

The latest One&Only hotel in Rwanda, in the foothills of Hawaii volcanoes national park, is also the only nest of gorillas, surrounded by a eucalyptus forest with an area of over 35 hectares. Guests will be attracted by exotic and colorful birds and butterflies, and have a chance to see the endangered mountain gorilla, one of the rarest primates on the planet.

In the middle of this huge eucalyptus field, there will stand an architectural feat. In this hotel, there are 21 rooms and suites. Each room is designed to provide guests with a refuge in nature. All wooden rooms and suites are perfectly set up, towering above the ground, thus having a feeling of floating in the woods. The five suites of 147m Virunga Suites, will incorporate the feeling of being welcomed. They will also add woven carpets and textured walls. It is also the wall art of animal patterns and geometric patterns. Every design detail pays tribute to the history of Rwanda.

Through the dominant African colors: caramel, brown and bright yellow, you can feel the free and unrestrained spirit of this country. The suite offers a king-sized bed and a large open-air bathroom with separate bedrooms. The natural materials of the floor and ceiling also echo the nature outside the glass door frame.

3. One and Only Mandarina in Montenegro

Jean-Michel Gathy was the chief architect of One&Only Portonovi, Montenegro, the first European hotel of the One & Only brand. Located at the mouth of Tivat Bay, the hotel is scheduled to open in 2020, with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea. There are 120 luxurious rooms, suites, villas, a world-class yacht marina, tennis school, dining, and shopping facilities in the 58-hectare Noble Manor. And the top spa was jointly built with Henri Chenot. It is truly a luxury melting pot.

Jean-Michel Gathy and his team from Denniston International Architects are responsible for the architectural and interior design, as well as the external space design around the resort hotel. He is responsible for showing the three key words of luxury: A sense of space and privacy in the design to ensure that guests can enjoy the top luxury.

Since its establishment, One&Only has been committed to becoming the most desirable solace for travelers all over the world. The greatest charm of this hotel brand lies in its thoughtful consideration of the cultural aspect of the place. They take the roots of the land and tell every visitor the story of the place. Part of this story is the recognition of local traditions and aesthetics through its unique architecture and design. Furthermore, the other part is about creating an immersive experience. Go beyond the concept of the hotel and promote the connection between people and surrounding communities. If there is this hotel in a tourist destination, please don’t forget to experience it!

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