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How do You Say “Stop” in Chinese?

How do you say “Stop” in Chinese? Learn basic and useful everyday Chinese words and characters with the “How do You Say” Series!

"Stop" in Chinese
“Stop” in Chinese


A. 停 (tíng)

Stop/ cease

For example

Dào… Dào… Dào… Tíng!


Back out…back out…more, more… Stop!

B. “停 (tíng)” can also be used to describe (an object) stops moving, an action stops.

For examples,

Chē tíngle.


The car stopped.

Yǔ tíng xià lái le.


The rain stopped.

2. 别…了。(Bié…Le.)

Stop doing something.

For examples,

Bié shuōhuàle! 别说话了!

Stop talking!

Bié fán wǒle!


Stop annoying me!

Bié kàn diànshìle, gāi xiě zuòyè le!


Stop watching TV, time to do your homework.

3. 我不…了。(Wǒ bù…Le.)

I stopped…

For examples,

Wǒ bù hējiǔ le.


I stopped drinking.

Dàjiā dōu bú zài qù nàgè fàndiàn le.


People stopped going to that restaurant.

Wǒ bù hē bīng shuǐ le.


I stopped drinking ice water.

That’s all for this lesson. How do you say “stop” in Chinese? – Have you mastered it now?

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