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How do You Say “I Hate You” in Chinese?

When you would like to express “I don’t like something” in Chinese, do you know how to express this meaning in idiomatic Chinese? How do you say “I hate you” in Chinese? Learn basic and useful everyday Chinese words and characters with the “How do You Say” Series!

"I hate you" in Chinese
“I hate you” in Chinese

Wǒ tǎoyàn nǐ.


I hate you./ I loathe you.

Key Vocabulary:

讨厌 (tǎoyàn) – to hate

The third tone and fourth tone.

For examples,

Wǒmen dōu juédé tā hěn tǎoyàn.


We all think he is annoying.

我们 (wǒmen) – We

都 (dōu) – All

觉得 (juéde) – Think

他很讨厌 (tā hěn tǎoyàn) – He is annoying.

That’s it for this lesson. When you complain about something or one person, you might use “I hate you”. How do you say “I hate you” in Chinese? – Have you mastered it now?

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