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How do You Say “Bless You” in Chinese?

Do you know how to say “bless you” in Chinese? And how do you say “bless you” in Chinese? In this lesson, we are going to learn when and how to say “bless you” with Chinese expressions. Let’s learn it together!

I know you are dying to say something when somebody sneezes, but, actually, Chinese people don’t say anything, and nobody says “bless you”. But, if you still would like to know the Chinese meaning of “bless you”, please read the following below.

say bless you in chinese
say “bless you” in Chinese

Zhù fú nǐ.


Bless you!

Even now you know how to say “bless you” in Chinese, but again, there is one cultural difference, Chinese people don’t say that after someone sneezes! Did you get it? See you next time!

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